First Big Snow of 2008 in Chicago

So just like a groundhog on these snowy days I peek my head out the front door and start taking pictures real fast while standing in my underwear. And continuing with my series of Big Snows of 2007/2008 today was one of those underwear in the front door days. The first snow pictures and the second snow pictures are here if you want to see them. But it’s 7AM, so let’s see what we’re in for today.


One of the things you should know is that it started snowing last night, and it’s pretty much supposed to KEEP snowing until tonight. So that’s like 24 hours. But the best part all of this is that a few days ago it was close to 50 degrees outside! And right before that it was INSANELY cold.


Also, I just want to show you this last outside shot because a) you can see a couple of guys shoveling (but I went out at 6AM so I’ve done my morning shift already) and b) these very strange tracks coming out of this tree. SOMEthing came out of that tree and then just disappeared in my front lawn. ?????


And finally, one other big piece of news THE WEBSITE IS BACK UP! Some of you regular visitors may have noticed that this blog was down for about 30 hours. For a few hours I re-routed traffic to a temporary site, but as of today I’m renting server space from a new host. But the piece I wrote about the Half Man Half Tree guy just crashed the server at the old host. I guess it’s a hit!