Getting Your Money Back From Google Adwords After They’ve Closed Your Account

Ah man, now I can’t run my electric cigarette ad-oh wait Google wasn’t gonna let me anyway.  Well, I had kinda sworn off writing about money once I started making REAL internet money (for me). But what the hell! For old times sake I think I NEED to do this post. Besides, not having my name “out there” is probably one of the reasons Ruck and the guys from Convert 2 Media rejected my application-but hey, I’m not complaining, could’ve ended up in one of their videos. Thank goodness for Elite Clicks. So….does your inbox look anything like this?


So OK, you know the deal; Google went on a killing spree this past week. They took that Dec.1 FTC thing to heart, or rather, used it as an excuse to have a “Black Wednesday.” And now you probably want your money back right. Well good news it’s not like the Adsense thing where they KEEP your money after screwing you over. In this case it’s not money you’d generated through their program, the prepaid Adwords money is YOUR money in their escrow account. So use THIS LINK and it’ll take you 60 seconds to request your money.  But it looks like you’ll have to wait 60 DAYS to get your money, unless I’m reading it wrong. But update: they have shortened the process to 3-4 weeks.

Justin Dupre wrote about his situation and AdHustler did too. His comment section is kind of surprising though. People are defending Google’s willy/nilly closing of people’s accounts? Did you read FastCompany piece about the entertainment site that got the same treatment and has nothing to do with acai or teeth whiteners, etc.,

It’s not just “bad” affiliates that get a disapproving sneer from Google, and it doesn’t have to be for anything recent. Google could easily point out a link or lp in an account’s history and say to an Adwords user “no more of this.” But nope-they’re doing a clean sweep. Couple years ago during the big Adsense clean sweep they took my account. A year ago during the PR clean sweep (slap) they took my PR a few days after I started putting clear-as-day affiliate links on my personal blog (the one at end of this post is a tinyURL but usually I don’t). Ce la vie. Inconvenient, not life changing.

But this mass account disabling will, YES, lead to people doing “shady” stuff. Like when I opened a new Adsense account. At the time I was doing a $100 a day and thought it was “unbelievable!!!” My Adwords account was almost DOA since 2004 so it was a “clean” account (unless you consider THIS t-shirt site, how it originally started, “a bad user experience”). And I have another Adwords account already if I ever want to market that way again.  It’s more about principle than actually using the accounts. Yeah it’s their ball, their bat, their field, but people sneak over the fence all the time… Course they DO watch me like a hawk-here’s me publishing this article and 13 seconds later they came and crawled it.

big brother

My opinion is that Google has a split personality. They WANT to be wikipedia (hence wiki ranking for everything under the sun). Google started out like that too, a fresh faced, sober living kinda entity providing “pure” content. But then like everybody else they discovered they could “make money online.” And in Google’s case, GIANT money. It’s like discovering CPA marketing if you’ve been doing regular affiliate marketing. But now, like some kinda Robert Downey Jr. clone Google is wiping the coke from their nose saying “Man I gotta clean up my act. Get back to my roots, start a gospel choir…” What one might call a “business model reassessment.” i.e., Yu & Facebook.

Actually I honestly get the feeling Google doesn’t want ANYbody to make money online, except Google. And maybe brick and mortars. They seem to get a pass-but I believe that pass is given purely because the bulk of B and M’s are so horrible at generating revenue online or even leads.

Anyway get your money back and tell Google to kiss your ass.

Bye bye Google

Best I can do is throw this Miva coupon at ya…UPDATE: Well scratch that-it’s a year and a half later and MIVA has been bought out, so instead of a 25$ coupon it’s now a 50$ from adknowledge. When you get to the site it looks a little sparse, but it’s a real company. They’ve done about 60 billion impressions and I’m about to sign up myself using this coupon.(Update-offer is gone, sorry)



6 thoughts on “Getting Your Money Back From Google Adwords After They’ve Closed Your Account

  1. Hey David

    Thanks for the plug man. We appreciate it.. Its funny you mentioned C2M – I founded that company as well, but I’m no longer with them…

    I was alerted right away by google as soon as you made the post, got to love google alerts.

    • Yup, yup Yup, oughtta be some kind of affiliate program, grumble, grumble, at least for your own affs like me grumble grumble.

      Anyway I owe Tony some tax forms, so those are coming on Monday.

      And yeah those alerts are making my left over adsense sites live a strong life.

  2. Correction Machara, you were involved in “co-founding” Convert2media. As for no longer being with us, we all remember the existing managing partners getting rid of you. Unanimously.

    • This got a little weird and I ended up deleting some comments at the request of the people involved-so the conversation might look a little odd at this point.

      I’m doing the Dangerfield, invisible, neck-tie thing over here. When I saw all those FL addresses and area codes I figured there were pieces of the puzzle I didn’t have. But that’s sorta my thing; keep my head down, keep quiet, make my money, keep learning, get my daily earnings rate up. The end.

      But now that that’s settled let’s get back to telling G to kiss it! Ironically I was just about to create a whole mini-site dedicated to extolling the power of the content network; still might but it’ll have to be a whole new angle now…

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