Hell Yeah! Celebrity Rehab on VH1 is Back

Well I really haven’t been a VH1 viewer since almost since the last Celebrity Rehab I that wrote about. And what can I say I just got sucked in last time, since I really am not a celebrity guy or drug guy-so both of those combined SHOULD have meant nothing to me, but the show just caught me. So this time I’m on board early. Me and Dr. Drew baby! As soon as I saw a commercial for it last week I knew I was going to watch. So I’m writing this AS the first episode is airing.

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The collection of people is as diverse as you might expect. First up is “non” patient Gary Busey. It’s been said before and it’s been said repeatedly that Busey is bat shit crazy. He shows up allegedly clean but acting so weird that his behavior would tell you he’s ON drugs, but who knows…

And then there’s model/actress Amber Smith, who’s on prescription drugs. Taking drugs on camera and everything! She looks like a sad case. But really, she’s there to cleanse the palette because next up is Rodney motherfuckin’ King. THE Rodney. I mean the whole premise of his beat down is that he was SO deep into drugs that the cops had to beat him down. 3 words; vomiting out truck. Next up is Tawny Kitaen, who’s a little like Amber; a rather typical Hollywood pretty lady who from back in the day who finds her way to drugs-but watch as she gives Busey the big blow off. Speaking of typcial; of COURSE there’s a rockstar, Steven Adler from Guns N Roses. And a jr. rockstar, somebody from American idol, Nikki McKibbin.Speaking of jr’s there’s also Rod Steward’s son Sean. Jeff Conoway is back in a STRANGE spousal abuse situation/co-dependance situation.

Here’s a little more grief for you. Below is Rodney King being asked about his feeling regarding the beating.

And here’s Ambe in full blow detox.

2 thoughts on “Hell Yeah! Celebrity Rehab on VH1 is Back

  1. I’m hooked on this show too. Ever since watching the first Celebrity Rehab. I knew I would watch it again if it returned. Gary Busey is definitely a mystery…I kind of wondered at first if Dr.Drew really did tell this (was going to say “poor guy” but he is batty) guy that he was going to help out with the rehabbers. I just was alittle confused if they tricked this guy and said “oh yeah you can help out” and that would make for good ratings. Whatever I do like this show.

  2. Hey jj!
    Sorry about the long delay in my response, I keep changing code and comments USED to send me a notice when somebody posted, but no more…

    Anyway I think probably what goes on, is the “word” goes out to agents who then make the decision about whether to offer the deal (of being on the show) to their clients. Will this help my client/hurt my clients potential to make money down the line? But Gary’s weirdness is sort of a well documented situation in Hollywood-hell everywhere.

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