How I got Firefox to stop playing MySpace music

So recently I was asked to sign up for MySpace so I could communicate with some showbiz type groups. OK, so now I’m a part of MySpace and I’m getting invites and looking around at other people’s pages and it’s mostly fine. But that MUSIC on some of those pages can drive you crazy. I don’t need to know what everybody thinks is their personal theme song. Not to mention that slow loading time.

So I did some searches on Google and all kinds of complicated stuff came up, but I figured out a way that didn’t require a lot of work. I use Firefox, and one of my most important plugins is Adblock. You really shouldn’t try to deal with the web without that combo. Makes surfing a far more enjoying experience.

In a nutshell if you’ve got Adblock, you’ll see a little icon in the bottom right corner of the browser letting you know if it’s enabled or disabled. You can right click to get the menu that turns it either on or off. When Adblock is on and you go to a page that’s got questionable and blockable items it will put a little box above the item. 1.jpgIf you click on the box you’ll be shows a long stream of info that is the web address of the item.2.jpg In the case of the music players on somebody’s MySpace profile it’s a stream that can be divided into two parts. The first part is the player, and ends with SWF. After that is the second part, which is essentially the specific details related to that persons music location on a server. And that’s the part you replace with the wildcard character-which is the asterisk key. Hold the shift, press the number 8 key.

3.jpgThen tell Adblock to yes, go ahead and block all player related parts of web pages that look like this. Keep in mind, MySpace uses about 4 players for embedded music, so you’ll probably need to do this little 10 second trick about 4 times. And if you DO want to hear somebody’s music, just disable Adblock before you go to their profile, or after you get to their page disable and reload the page.

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