I Had ATT DSL Dry Loop Installed Today. DSL with No Phone Line

Hi! My name is Dave, and below is original piece I wrote about getting Internet service without phone service (Dry Loop) from ATT. I wrote it in March of 2008. But now we’re into 2017, so I thought I would update all my AT&T articles by streamlining the pricing points here at the top and put my original articles down below.

Dry Loop is still available depending on WHERE you live. But they have lots of services and they come in different packages and price points-and it gets really, really cheap, if you also have the phone service or tv. But right NOW, they’re offering all High Speed Internet packages at reduced rates. And in some cases  no annual contract, so you get the first 6  months at a reduced price.

There are a few ways to get DSL, and this is the way it USED to be;

1. ATT DSL Internet ONLY (dry)

2. ATT DSL Internet with phone service


3. ATT Internet ONLY (dry)

4. ATT Internet Bundled with another service/s


Ok, let’s say you want the NO Phone and that’s something you can do pretty easily.

When you think about it the prices are pretty damn good. You can get  megs for low bucks.

Now let’s talk about the types of internet, you can get it by itself (dry loop) mix and match some of the other ATT services.

And despite some comical anti-bundle commercials out there it IS a good deal if you’re bundling with something else like phone service and/or TV. So let’s say you get two of their services, then you get a pretty low cost and in some cases on of their pretty good stuff at no cost that make the deal even better.

For instance right now they are giving out for different kinds of “wireless device” that you can pick from (only 1). And I can’t actually tell you the NAME of the things, but I can show you a picture.

So one more time, here’s the link for the service…



Check this out. When I upgraded to 3mb my speed got crazy, look at these fire hose speeds!


Your new Gateway router/modem looks like some kind of Sniper Kit.




So let’s do a little quick review on the DRY LOOP thing.

  1. Ok, “ATT DSL Direct” is the current name so just do your best to forget any other names you might have known it by.
  2. Dry Loop means DSL withOUT the phone service. Just plain high speed internet with no dial tone. A lot of people are confused and think you “get dry loop” with your phone service. Nope. You get Dry Loop INSTEAD of phone service. Either you want phone service and DSL or you want DSL by itself. Right?
  3. You can also get ATT phone service with Dry Loop. And it’s probably possible to have phone service from one company and Dry Loop internet from ATT. I wouldn’t really recommend it because of the technical complications. But I use AT&T DSL with an internet phone service and think it’s a good deal; 20 dollar phone from MagicJack
  4. The PRICES IF YOU ORDER ONLINE (meaning, if you CALL you might not get the same offers since those 2 ATT departments compete with each other) of Dry Loop (also called Naked DSL sometimes). Normally you’d have to pay way more and to get faster speeds. It’s not available in every state you can click here to check.
  5. The service today is an entirely different technology. Basically fiber optics instead of the old, expensive copper lines. And that’s why it’s so much faster, and barely cost that much more.

So when you look at these DSL prices you’ve got to remember in MOST of the country it’s hard to get DSL without the phone service and when you can get it’s VERY, VERY expensive and if you check around you’ll see. So ATT has DSL with the phone service  and they’ve got DSL without the phone service, and the price is a tiny bit more. But think about it; it’s way lower than cable.

Here’s the original article I wrote

I mentioned that I was getting rid of my ATT phone line based DSL service that involved having a telephone number in favor of their NEW phone-line-free service called Dry Loop (remember, at this time, it”s not particularly well known). Today I got it so I want to tell you a few things to watch out for and what to keep an eye out for. The first thing is to try to get all the steps taken care of at once.

When I called the DSL department I could tell in 30 seconds my customer representative was going to have problems since she barely understood what I was talking about, and wasn’t sure of prices or how it would be installed. I offered to hang up and call back but she REALLY wanted “to do her job” so I agreed with the full knowledge that I’d calling back to fix whatever mistakes were about to be put in place. See what needs to happen (if you have a phone line from ATT and DSL service already) is that line has to be cut off 24 hours in advance of the new DSL only service being turned on. You’re starting from scratch actually because they took my Social Security number to run a credit report. And I hate frivolous credit report checks because they lower your score .

So what you want to do is talk to one competent person that can do all the steps at once. Because the way I was originally setup, I was told the service would start on the 24 and I would have to call at least 24 hours in advance to turn off my current phone service and DSL. A couple of days later I looked at a calendar and saw the 23rd was a Sunday, and there was no way that was going to happen. That meant I had to change the turn on date for the 25th or before the weekend altogether. If you have phone service and you’ve decided you don’t want it from ATT anymore.

* Disconnect the current line

* Disconnect the current DSL

* Start the new Dry Loop< So when I DID call back I got all that packaged up as one thing so I didn’t need to call the day before and all that.

OK, Today is the 25 and my internet and phone went off yesterday around 10AM. And that’s one miserable day without internet radio. I can live without the email, or even the blog checking but the music is my thing man! Anyway. Get this call today around 11AM from a ATT tech telling me he’s here. And I’m like what, “this wasn’t supposed to be a home visit, I’m glad I’m here.” So verify when you set this up for yourself. Now, I should mention that around 10AM this morning the internet went on and when I checked the modem login page I could see 384kb up and down, so I resigned myself to having to call and go through all the stuff I mentioned in my series about getting this service set up in the first place. But I couldn’t log in.


I expected I would have to go through the whole process of getting my 1.5mb, but since the guy was there I was like, cool, let’s take care of it now. So he did some stuff and I went back in and saw I still couldn’t log in and therefore get online but I could see my speed was now 768kb download. I went back out and the tech guy said he didn’t think my line could take the full 1.5mb. And I said, well why would they sell it to me. The whole point of asking my address when I signed up was to see my distance from the office. By the way; with cable your speed is determined by how many people are on the network connection you’re sharing, and with DSL your speed is determined by your distance from the originating signal . So he said at 768 my failure rate was 30% and I said well, just turn me up to 1.5 and tell me what you see. He saw a 80% failure rate, and so just like I told the last guy, I said turn me up. If it fails I’ll call and have it turned down.

Went back inside called the office, they said I could use the same login, but it hadn’t yet registered me and by 8pm I would be able to get online, but it should actually happen in maybe an hour. Around 2 hours later, still no connection. So I called back. This guy gave me the login and password of ATT and I got in and connected, and registered online. I had tried the registration CD they give out, but it didn’t work. Probably because it uses you phone number for the process, and when you get this Naked DSL package you no longer have a phone number but they give you a 10 digit account number that emulates a phone number . So I got registered online, had to restart my browser and the modem a few times and FINALLY TODAY I’M BACK ONLINE.

Folks the price right now is CRAZY, all you need to get MagicJack phone service working with a fast connection. And just to be upfront; I do receive compensation from ATT and Magicjack for recommending their services. But as you can see, I really like AND use the products.

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  2. Hi, Had a few Questions about dry loop.. I found a couple of phone #s, which one is accurate? 18002640002 or 8888004095.
    Here is the situation, Im helping a friend with dry loop from AT&T

    They are ATT customers with uverse, they want to take adavantage of a Voice I P (cheaper phone service)
    They want to keep their cable and internet but port their home # out to one of those other companies. (so it cant be disconnected or canceled.)

    As soon as possible, can you give me a step by step procedure and idea on what to expect?
    Does the dry loop cost money?
    How long does it take?

    thanks for your help!

    • Hello Rebecca
      Let’s see if we can tackle some of those issues.
      I hate to ask, but did you just try calling the phone numbers? I mean it’s not some dude’s house who you’re going to disturb and he’ll hang up in anger.:) But the numbers are different for different states, so the easiest thing is to go to the ATT.com site and plug in an address and it’ll give you contact info for that area.

      Now, in terms of service for your friend. It sounds a little confusing, but my understanding of uverse is that its “digital TV, Internet, and digital home phone service” at 30 dollars each for a total of 90 a month. I believe U-verse digital phone is VOIP, but again a 3 minute phone call to ATT could confirm that. As for the price I don’t think they’d save money on the 30 dollar phone deal they have already. Plus who knows if you can break their current “contract.” Since I think the package comes as a 12 month deal.

      You say they want to “port their home # out to one of those other companies.” What companies? You mean like Vonage? They’re price with the taxes is over 30 dollars a month. Magicjack is a dollar a month but not everybody is comfortable with their phone being connected to their computer. Vonage DOES port numbers MagicJack does NOT.

      Dry loop starts at 19.99 a month and goes up in 10 dollar jumps depending on how fast you want it. It takes about a week to set up. You do understand that dry loop means internet and NO phone service right? Are you sure that’s what they want?

      The easiest and fastest thing to do is to go to att site, get the local number for your friend call. Then call and say “Here are the services I want. What is the best price” If ATT is asked they will tell you which things to mix and match to get the best price.

  3. Useful reply you got for Rebecca, it somehow helps me on deciding which service to use being being in this situation. thanks.

    • Hi Nathan
      Thanks for the positive response (also thanks for leaving a message, I have been trying for 2 WEEKS to remember the name of the guy on Heroes and now I know).

      Yeah this comment is just one of DOZENS of long replies I’ve done-but mostly people email me, so I’m thinking of copy/pasting some of those answers over here.

  4. Dave,
    Great information. I should have done a proper Google search before starting my phone conversion. So I bought an Ooma device for $199 from Costco…called AT&T to start up a dry loop….but I wanted my old number ported over before I canceled my phone service so I had to technically pay for 2 DSL lines and 1 land line of service. I won’t go into the details, but man was it a pain! I finally figured it out. My only thing is I failed to find out if there was any specials on a dry loop service…to use Ooma (or magic jack), I could not go with the basic DSL…so I went with the $30…but I am finding out that when I am using the web and a phone call at the same time, the phone connection is garbled. Unreal. Maybe faster internet speed will help?? I am going to upgrade to the $35 rate to see what happens.

    • Hi Manny
      Thanks for visiting and sharing. This process is new to just about EVERYBODY. Well ok yeah I did almost 2 years ago, but still!….hahahahha. But seriously, it IS mostly on the trial an error side of things. Who could even imagine “internet telephones” a few years back. And this idea of making the PHONE company the little man by picking and choosing services you want like the DSL Only. Is pretty amazing.

      As for phone quality and DSL speed that’s kind of why I haven’t really pushed the Ooma (it’s kind a bandwidth hog). In my magicjack piece, linked to in this article, I show how little the MJ uses. In your case though it sounds like you’ve put together a good deal and that’s what matters. But it is a mix and match process, and ultimately all about saving money.

  5. Hey Dave,
    Bandwidth hog is right. Hmm…so the reason I shied away from the magic jack is for the fact I had to keep the computer on–I guess my computer is on all the time anway. The phone quality of the ooma service is great when I’m not downloading/uploading stuff…but now I wonder if I should take a closer look at MJ…heck, $200 plus the $40 porting fee plus $12/year for the Ooma is still pricier than MJ!

    • Thanks for the follow up Manny

      Yeah on my MagicJack page in the comments section I kind of went into detail about the fridge being on 24-7 and that thing using a LOT of juice (of course we can’t go without it :)). But a computer uses about as much juice as a light bulb (with the monitor off). Or even a spare $100 junk computer is MORE than enough to run an MJ on.

      And yeah ALL these internet phones have great quality. I’m actually trying to figure out how to put a sample up. Even ATT offers this kind of phone now with a flat rate.

      But pound for pound I try to get people to at least TRY the MagicJack, for that price, the fact that you can do whole house with a 99 cent spliter, and the clear quality it’s an insane deal when you consider my ex-girlfriend had 3 teens and these phone bills that would come down were like house payments.

      You might want to also look into a piece of software called “NetLimiter” where you can manage bandwidth of various devices and keep a specified amount of bandwidth for your Ooma.

  6. I have AT&T as my DSL and local land line service. The land line costs $24/mo for local calls only, so I am switching my home phone service to $10/mo T-Mobile’s @home service (local and nationwide long-distance), since I already have the requisite 2yr cell phone contract and a DSL provider. Here’s where I am concerned that I am getting all of the correct information regarding my options.
    1) with the help of a T-Mobile rep, I requested that AT&T separate my DSL and land phone line accounts (create a dry loop)
    2) next T-Mobile will in the next week request to port over my land line number to their @home voice over internet protocol phone service
    3) AT&T explains that my DSL service will now increase by half (additional $10/mo) because it will no longer be bundled with the land lline, but if I commit to a 1yr contract they will waive the increase
    4) I mention that I’d rather take the $10/mo hit than commit to a contract so I can check out the competition and find a better priced DSL service
    5) the T-Mobile rep recommended I look into Earthlink for new DSL service, but explains that I cannot cancel the AT&T DSL until the phone line is ported over.
    6) OK, so while I wait for the changeover from AT&T land line service to T-Mobile @home phone service, I am researching available DSL providers for my location and find DSL Extreme can provide much faster DSL for cheaper
    7) I call a DSL Extreme rep who explains that he cannot offer service to me because once my the dial-tone land line is removed, they cannot add their DSL. Further, he blames AT&T, saying that AT&T won’t permit DSL Extreme to start their DSL service on a dry loop.

    Is this true? Don’t people have DSL without a land line? Can’t those people change their DSL provider? I smell a big rat.

    • Well Spark

      That’s quite a lot of things you’ve got going on….so you want me to tell you what???

      I mean it sounds like you’ve talked to all the interested parties. You’re trying to squeeze the best deal out of everybody’s plan with minimal obligation or cost to yourself. (Which is what most people do-so no big deal) But you still think one of these companies is trying to get over on you? (Which I guess I’m a little surprised at)

      I don’t think any of these companies are trying to take advantage of you; it sounds like T-mobile is trying to get some new business and ATT is trying to keep SOME of your business. Just so you know I have ATT DSL and T-mobile cell phone. But I have no idea what part of the country you’re in or how close you live to an area with lots of DSL providers-so I can’t speak to the Extreme situation at all.

      But looking at issues 1-4, sounds like your process is good; basically don’t cut off anything before the new thing gets turned on. Is there a reason you didn’t do your shopping around before starting all this? So you would have known who had DSL in your area and what their requirements would be for you to get their service.

      Alright issues 5-8 mostly concern DSL at the perfect speed and perfect price. ATT has nothing to do with controlling Extreme. The issue is who has what. ATT has DSL Dry Loop. That means DSL with no phone line.

      When you say “AT&T won’t permit DSL Extreme to start their DSL service on a dry loop.” You’re asking if one company can put their DSL on another company’s DSL. And you want to put T-mobile internet phone on top of that. So that’s 3 internet things and no phone line for any of it to run on.

      Not every small company can offer DSL without a land line. I thought about putting that in bold since that’s the most important part of this reply. DSL without the phone line is a rare thing; that’s why I wrote this long piece about it. It’s special and rare unless you pay a REALLY high price. It’s only very recently that large companies (like ATT) have offered this special service at an affordable cost. Ask around. Find 20 people you know and ask them what they have. Seriously. Or if you want, go online and find 100 internet friends and ask them what they have and what they’re paying. You’ll be surprised at the big numbers.

  7. Dave:
    I’m in San Francisco. I feel totally gouged by AT&T for charging $24/mo for a local landline in order to have DSL. I used to pay about half for my landline before I bought DSL. My needs? I don’t need two DSLs, only one, plus a landline (because I believed that I had to have a landline in order to have DSL).
    Enter T-Mobile, whose offer motivated me to switch from my AT&T landline service to their @home phone service. I make no apologies for the switch. It’s a no-brainer. @Home will give me long-distance in addition to local calls for half the cost ($24/mo to $10/mo).
    Until yesterday, I didn’t realize that this technology runs on voice over internet protocol (new vocabulary for me), and that to start it I had to move my AT&T DSL over to a dry loop (more new vocabulary) with no dial-tone.
    To answer your question, I wasn’t in the market to change in my DSL at all, so I didn’t research other DSL options before I started this. And as I said, prior to ordering @home (yesterday), I knew nothing about dry loops or the need to create one for my AT&T DSL in order to start @home. However, in the process of switching to @home, I learned that by putting my DSL on a dry loop, AT&T would jack up my basic internet service from $20/mo to $30/mo. I‘m in no contract with AT&T, and because AT&T makes it more and more difficult for me to rationalize staying with them, I am motivated to drop my AT&T DSL altogether in favor of a competitor. DSL Extreme offers faster DSL for the same $30/mo that AT&T will charge, or I can the same speed at the current cost of $20/mo. Another no-brainer.
    But alas there is a catch related to the issue of the dry loop. This is my main question/ confusion. It appears, as you say, that dry loop DSL is currently only offered through a few, big companies at a low price, and through a few smaller companies at a much higher rate. I did check one company in San Francisco, Speakeasy, whose cheapest residential dry loop DSL is $60/mo.
    Thanks for explaining that not every small company can offer DSL without a landline at a competitive price. This I did not know. You see, I had read that AT&T and Verizon were ordered by the Federal Communication Commission to expand their dry loop availability as consumer protection for people who only have cell phones to prevent consumers from being bamboozled into buying a landline service they don’t need. This gave me the impression that companies are perfectly able to offer dry loop DSL, but are unwilling to do so to retain a monopoly. Else why would the government force the hand of business to protect consumers? By your post I gather that bigger companies currently either have more infrastructure to enable dry loop DSL, or something less nefarious than I thought was going on. I would be glad to know that this is the case. I suppose I got the false impression from the DSL Extreme rep that AT&T was unwilling to transfer/ surrender/ switch-over the access to the dry loop line in order to retain their monopoly. (Obviously I don’t understand the reason why any company cannot use the same dry loop line. Apparently there is more to it).
    I wax philosophical here, but to your perfectly sound perspective that it sounds like AT&T is only trying to keep SOME of my business, I can tell you that AT&T is only giving cause to lose ALL of my business. Of course I understand the desire and need for companies to recoup lost business when their competitive edge wanes. I don’t want AT&T to fail, but profits should be merit based. When a company takes advantage because there is no competition, the consumer remembers it. In my view, this is the part of the problem with our virtual market, based on artificial pricing and the resistance to improve and evolve. We’d still be using steam engines if the competitive advantage of newer, better technology didn’t trump corporate interests to keep their share of the market. It is in no one’s best interest to resist the evolving technology and consumer needs. In fact, it is an opportunity for the big businesses who are already in place to take the lead. They say all is fair in love, war, and perhaps in a capitalistic market, but thank goodness for some protections against monopoly.

    • Yeah you’re in San Francisco alright! Hahahaha
      “Hey man, the man is trying to get you when and wherever they can man. Cheech we gotta get this van rollin’ man…” That’s what I’m hearing; hahahaha. But I’m right there with you in spirit; I’m listening to KUSF right now, as I do everyday.

      Nah, seriously I get it. I do. I really, really do. As I said, and as you discovered, big companies will NOT offer great prices of their on volition. Which is why I’m trying to get people to at least consider ATT right now since it’s a good deal. Period. When you look around the other prices just are not what you would expect (much lower) they’re the same and higher!

      So let’s stop and clarify for a second; in fact you can actually get a simple land line from ATT for about 6-9 dollars a month. I think I used to call it dial-tone only, but I could call out if I wanted to for local calls and was only billed extra if I called further. They also have a full service plan for 24 a month and long distance is extra. And I think for 40 it even includes nationwide calling-and again look around; that’s a good price for the full package. But I used to mix the 6 dollar line with the 19.95 High Speed Internet and pay a total of 30 tax included.

      So if you’re saying you were paying 24 for a telephone line AND High Speed Internet that’s really not a bad deal. I’m a bargain hunter and I could only get it down to 30.

      That was before they were offering Dry Loop. Now I use Dry Loop with my MagicJack internet telephone (a similar Voice Over Internet Protocol to the TMobile deal you found, except it’s 1.16 dollars a month and not 10) there’s a link in the upper left corner of this blog to my long article on that. But the option to port is still in the works as of Dec 4 and not available yet.

      However to round this out, what I’ve learned is this; the technology doesn’t necessarily determine the price. Competition in the market place does. LOOOONG time ago when I was living in LA I had SBC (before ATT swallowed it) and I paid a high price since they were the only game in town. Then Vonage came out and it’s VOIP also so was much cheaper. And I had that for about 5 years and then THEY started raising their prices and ATT started lowering their prices. Now ATT offers VOIP too and Vonage (with all the fees) is almost neck and neck with the pricing. Then MagicJack came out and undercut both of them (using the EXACT same technology) so now they’ve got my business. And guess what? Even MJ raised their 5 year from 59 to 69 last month. And I told my friends they should have locked in the old price like me because I knew the price was going to start sliding up. That’s what companies do; no matter the tech, they will charge what the market can bare. That’s the bottom line.

  8. Aw snap, I knew I should have been paying less for my AT&T land line. I should have been the under 10-buck plan, but now I’m set moving to VOIP so I’ll give that a try.

    Well said. Very astute. It’s a pleasure to chew the fat with you, Dave! Thanks for all of the insight.
    ~and for the record, I don’t claim San Francisco, although I do love this city. I’m an Air Force brat from everywhere, same age as you, who came out here for grad school in 2000 in Pharmacogenomics. I guess, though, being stationed abroad during my undergrad year, especially in the social democratic countries, did alter my outlook on socioeconomics for life. ~and that, to some extent, does jive a wee bit with the locals ;o)

    Have a very happy New Year!

  9. Dave,

    How do you check the download and upload speed of your DSL when a router is connected to the DSL modem? I can access the router via

    Thank you so much in advance!


      • While I’m here I might as well post some of the recent questions that came in. I probably should start putting up these emailed questions…

        Anyway here’s one from this week. Like most people (with the 2 people being the exception) he didn’t start his question with a “hi” or “hope you can help” just started talking to me like I was a dog who owed him answers, but I usually answer people anyway and hope I can be so helpful their own sub conscious makes them act a bit more humane.

        Currently have DSL and phone line with ATT. I want to move phone line to vonage, so called ATT to change my service to dry-loop DSL but with my current number active. They indicated that it was not possible..What am I missing? Is there a magic word I need to use with ATT?

        thanks for your help

        I’m curious. Why didn’t contact Vonage and ask them?

        But I’ll give you the answer IN GOOD FAITH provided you email me back
        and answer the above question ok.

        So what you’re trying to do can’t be done the way you’re doing it. You
        currently have “regular dsl,” and that means it’s tied to your phone
        line. If you cut off the phone the dsl wont work. Period. And no dsl
        or cable internet means no Vonage.

        You want a totally different ATT product called “dry loop dsl” which
        they also call “dsl direct.” In some cases you actually need to order
        it online, aqnd clicking on one of the links on my site you can read
        the details.

        But you actually might have to go without a phone for a while. It
        MIGHT be possible to start the “dry loop dsl” and have it running at
        the same time as your current dsl. But either way you need to
        port your phone number to Vonage first. Just be aware that porting you
        number to Vonage ends your current ATT phone plan and current dsl

        If I were in your shoes, I would actually call Vonage and find out
        what the time frame of the port is going to be (get the date range).
        Then call ATT and turn off the dsl right before the date Vonage gave

        You should call ATT and ask them if porting your number to a
        “different provider” will cut off your phone AND dsl at the same time
        or should you have the dsl disconnected first. (I wouldn’t mention

        So probably the first time you read this it will seem confusing, but
        just slowly think it through and you’ll see all I’m saying is
        -tell Vonage to turn your stuff on
        -be without a phone for a while
        -start your “dsl only” account with ATT
        -connect your Vonage to that with your old phone number

        And you can actually FORWARD your phone number to your cell phone
        while you don’t have internet service so you can still get all your

        If you weren’t committed to keeping the same phone number I would
        advise you to get magicjack (there’s a link to a long article in the
        upper left corner of my blog). I had Vonage for 5 years and the price
        kept going up. Magicjack is a $1.16 a month.

        Dave – Thank you for your response. I did ask vonage, but the individual I
        talked to was not able to explain as you did. The only reason I am
        considering Vonage, is because I India – so magicJack is not an option. I
        will contact ATT and try what you have suggested.


        Thanks Raj

        That explains a lot and it’s also confusing. I don’t know how you’re going to get ATT in India. If you’ve found a mailing address in the US you might as well MagicJack. But the price difference is ENOURMOUS. And I’m not just saying that cause I sell the stuff.

        As a matter of fact you might want to look at the ATT Voip package it’s about the same price or lower than Vonage with ATT. Seriously, really look through the all 3 companies websites with a calculator before you make your final decision.

        And good job on the follow up with me!

        Thanks Dave – Not looking to get ATT in India. Meant, we mostly call India from the US. I tried configuring magicJack once and was on the CS number for 2 hours, but could never get it to work!


  10. I am at a total loss. I’m movin into a new apartment in Southern California and this will be the first time I will need to purchase some sort of internet service. I have a laptop and used the WiFi at the place I lived at before. I have heard the term dry loop but I guess my bottom line is what is cheaper?? What service do I need? I have a cell phone so I don’t really need phone service but I am in college and I have some online classes so I absolutely NEED internet service and FAST! Please help.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Christie

      The blog is supposed to let me know when somebody writes in, but it didn’t so I missed your comment last night.

      But I’m not sure why you’re so lost. I made those giant price banners with the details in print, just choose the price you’re willing to pay for the amount of speed you want.

      If you don’t need a house phone, don’t get DSL WITH phone. Just take that extra money to get a higher speed DSL WITHOUT phone line. For example, take the price you see and multiply by 12 (months). The Dry Loop at $19.95 is the only one with a 12 month contract though, so if you plan to move before that time, you might just want to go month-to-month with the $35 service. Don’t forget to add in the modem cost for the slower internet services. Click on one of those images to see the ATT internet site with all the prices.

      And if you think you might want a house phone of some kind you can get that MagicJack (see the little upper left corner of this blog to se that article) It’s only $20 (total) a year for phone service.

  11. I switched to dry loop dsl and have had connection problems ever since. One call determined that my current dsl modem was to old (7 years old). I called in a different time and they sent a tech out and found that the wires were deteriorated. The service is still intermittent. Any ideas?

    • This is ATT service?

      Do I have any ideas?
      “dsl modem was to(o) old (7 years old)”
      “found that the wires were deteriorated”

  12. Thanks for your article!

    What I’m most interested in, is good Dry Loop deals in New York.

    How I wish there were an article similar to yours, albeit re: NY’s territory.
    How i wish i could get Dry Loop for $20/month, taxes + othe-charges included.
    I missed out on all the promo’s, and now stuck in a quandary.

    Re: MJ this may interest:
    On fatwallet there’s a review of netTalk’s TK6000 comparing it to Magic Jack, where TK is the winner.
    Also i believe bandwith problem isn’t an issue either.

    • Hi Min
      This poor blog is getting spammed crazy these last few weeks so I missed your comment, but the article is pretty much open to anybody-I mean I’m in Chicago, but you’ve got ATT in your NY right? I lived there for like 10 years and I’m pretty sure it’s out there.

      Now, if you’re already locked into an annual deal that’s another problem. But if you’re not in a contract-you can easily cancel and restart with the 20 dollar plan, but of course you might loose your number!

      As for NT, at 4 payments of 25 dollars PLUS 10 in shipping, it’s NOT a good deal. As for quality-check out my voice recording of me on MagicJack, there’s a link in the upper left corner of the blog. And of course bandwidth isn’t an issue for MJ.

      Obviously VOIP is the future. HOW each person get’s there is a personal choice. I’ve been doing VOIP for about 7 years (10 if you count my dialpad time). But here are some of the comments from that forum
      If you read the terms of agreement you will see that the only free talk is between TK6000 users. YOU WILL BE BILLED ON A MINUTE BASIS FOR ALL OTHER CALLS UNLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE TO A “RATE PLAN”. There is no free lunch here Martha!
      (dave comment; I don’t think this part is true)
      After 4 years they charge $19.95/year for a “membership”. “Service” is still free.
      They still do not have a list numbers available…
      (incoming calls will stop ringing into my phone after a while – rebooting unit fixes this) issue never fixed, which means incoming calls do not ring phone

      (dave comment; So I’m just fooling around, I could have easily tried to find some positive comments!)

  13. Hello again,
    What is the telephone number for “ATT DSL Direct” ? Is it the same number one calls for U Verse service?

    • {P.leaswe .loo,k on your bi.l.l [for the number in your area.l Te.l.l them swhat you swant to Do anD they swi.l.l [forswarD you to that De[pt.l


      SWince on.line orDersw are USWUA>L>LY chea[per you cou.lD

      1) c.lic,k one o[f .lin,ksw on thisw [page 🙂 [for the [faswteswt DSW>L 24.95$ (Diswcount [price [for the [firswt 12 monthsw)

      2 ca.l.l ATT anD cance.l Uverswe

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