I Jumped Over 1 Million Websites in 14 days. The Case for Alexa

Get the Alexa button/widget for your site. It’ll raise your ranking. That’s that short version of this post. The long version will help you see the big picture. Ok I admit it. I’m hording. I’m guy who loves to learn and since March 1st 2008 I’ve been awake nearly 20 of 24 hours a day. That’s like 5 weeks of intense learning. The goal was to try and crack the nut of making money while online. I decided after having days of 1200 visitors in Feb. and coming away with 2.81 cents for the ENTIRE month in Adsense revenue, that I was gonna have to take a serious look at what the hell was wrong. On the one hand, content is no issue for me. I can, without arrogance or humility, say I’m an interesting guy! So I’ve ALWAYS got something going on. And I string words together well ENOUGH that people can generally follow what the hell I’m trying to say. So I’m pretty sure I’ve got the “blogging” part of blogging covered. But the visitor retention, commenting, feed subscribing and AD CLICKING part of blogging was just not something I had put enough time in on to get good results. Hence, those 20-22 hour days. Now I’ll be honest; I stopped to watch TV, eat and go pee pee. But mostly it’s been me in front of a computer. Oh that’s right-you don’t anything about me. I buy and renovated houses, so I don’t have a “job” in the sense that I work for some guy-not anymore baby! But I AM in the middle of doing a house. But I totally stopped, to work on this blog issue.

Alexa Ranking March 6

So in 5 weeks l learned a lot. And in terms of money I’m now pretty much on target for at least a dollar a day with Adsense. Additionally, like SEVEN other “revenue streams” have been added. But I’m hording. I learned all this stuff but I haven’t really put all that learning back “out there.” But my thinking is a) there are ten MILLION sites out there with the “how to make money online” thing going and b) another 10 million sites talking about how to “optimize” your site. Some of those people are good and making real money, and some are full of crap. Who needs my 2 cents? (And as I mentioned earlier it WAS literally , like, 2 cents a day I was making for 5 months). But what I CAN do is bring my unique way of communicating, my observations and experiences to the table. So, having said all that, here’s the deal with Alexa: it works.

Alexa Ranking March 10

Most of you know there are 2 major gauges of a website or blog that people pay attention to. The infamous Google PageRank and the Alexa Ranking. It’s NOT like Myspace; where having a lot of “friends” is just kind of a “Look at me, I’m king of the world! I have 2 million friends!” See over there it doesn’t really mean much. But out here in the world with us old crusty working folks. That PR and Alexa ranking determine how much advertisers are willing to pay for some of the real estate on our websites and blogs. What I’m saying is; how popular you are out HERE determines how much money you can make. So that shit matters! But HOW can you change those 2 scores. It’s very hard to figure out the Google math. People know, generally, that the volume of traffic you get the quality of the link pointing AT you are important. But I have to tell; I’ve been to a lot of top sites, and I’m not the correlation I would expect to see. I would EXPECT to see a good PR and a good Alexa but I RARELY do. I see one or the other. Usually I see a pretty good Alexa number and not such a great PR. I rarely see a site that has a good Alexa and a good Google PR. I know Google must have changed something, because back in maybe 2000 I had a dating site and I’m pretty sure I had a 3 or 4 within about 2 months! And now with TONS more legitimate, hand crafted, meticulously researched content all I’ve got is a 3. Maybe they judge overtly commercial sites better than “personal” blogs?

Alexa Ranking March 14

Alexa Ranking March 16

Alexa Ranking March 20

Alexa Ranking March 24

Alexa Ranking March 26

Alexa Ranking March 30

Alexa Ranking April 2

Alexa Ranking one month later April 6

So there are the numbers. Maybe you’re wondering why this works? Well I read about it on several blogs, but possibly one of the most widely known places is Maki over at doshdosh . But from what I can gather, having the button on your site allows people who visit your site and have the Alexa toolbar to sort of “count.” In other words, get the toolbar, so when YOU visit your site it counts. The idea is that traffic from toolbar users gives Alexa “proof” that people are coming to your site. The reason I’m putting stuff in quotes, is because, of course, you’re already getting traffic, but without that toolbar/widget combo you’re invisible-as far as Alexa is concerned. So by using this little strategy you can actually get a more accurate count of your traffic. It’s not a trick, you’re not doing anything “black hat” and it’s not something against the rules. Alexa wants people to have the widget, Alexa wants people to have the toolbar. SO COMPLY ALREADY and get your rank up and make some money!

That last image I don’t have a date for but it’s late Feb, maybe early March. But I’m showing it because you can see in roughly a little over a month I’ve basically jumped over 2 million sites. And I guarantee that if you look over at my current number now, it’ll be lower. Take a peek—>

God DAMN! One final note; the periods at all my bolded sentences are sticking out, that’s not ME, that’s the new wordpress. You should definitely look at my piece about the crappy new wordpress . AND I hope you link to this post to get the word out about this technique, so we can FINALLY get all those penis enlargement websites out of the top 100,000!

51 thoughts on “I Jumped Over 1 Million Websites in 14 days. The Case for Alexa

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  2. hey thanks for the article, pretty interesting. I have never wanted to download the Alexia toolbar, I think now i will though! See if my numbers go down!
    Good article, and good luck to ya!

  3. Hey Danandmarsh,
    Thank you for your visit, and yeah give it a try. It’s free and painless, and you see my numbers.

    In fact TODAY my numbers just dropped another 40,000 from 2 days ago. And once you get a nice ranking take it off if you want, but it’s all about experimenting to see what works.

  4. Yup, got it up and I like it!! Geez google is #4!! I can actually see where each site is at>I like it!! Was just keeping track by checking each week! Pretty soon I should be down under the 100,000 mark!
    thanks again!

  5. Wow! I never would have thought to get an Alexa button – I may have to do that even though people would say geez chelle, you’re site is ranked at 9,423,872 on Alexa, lol.

    You really ought to try to get some more sleep though 🙂

  6. Thanks Chelle,

    Not only are you inspirational on YOUR site, your inspirational over here too! But yeah, last night around 2 I was fooling around with Entrecard, next thing I knew it was 8AM. So despite my brains desire to stay up, my body has decided that I will be sleeping more!

    But I still can’t get over how this Alexa widget is just quietly doing its thing and dropping every single day. And yeah, I am getting a LITTLE more traffic every day, but not enough to move my Alexa numbers like the widget is doing.

  7. Back in the day there were talks among some of the ‘gurus’ that Alexa’s ranking wasn’t as accurate as many believe. But regardless of whether you believe that or not -as you stated- advertisers use Alexa’s ranking as a major determining factor for buying a spot on your virtual real estate property which can be a major revenue stream.

    BTW: Some days I get even less sleep…keep pumping out the content Dave.

  8. Big Ups Caleb!
    Thanks for the dose of positivity.

    I just got an email from a guy with a “how to make money on the internet” site for questioning his 30 dollars a month “deal.” So I’m about to give him not just my 2 cents but an EXTRA 2 cents!

  9. Hi Ria
    Thanks for visiting!
    Well NOBODY likes seeing those ugly numbers. You think I want people seeing that? I don’t show my link count, or my feedburner numbers because they don’t look great. But you’ve got to look at the big picure.

    There are like 70 million web pages out there. Don’t worry about in the TOP 10 million. Seriously. Put this into context. People know we’re not big, big sites. We’re just blogs getting going. And what else have you got planned to get your numbers good? I mean unless you’ve got a quicker way to do it, for now this doesn’t seem so bad.

    And be creative. You see how I turned those ugly numbers into a very popular blog post! Or find a place on your blog that’s out of the way, and put a dozen other logos for blogcatalog, feedjit, etc., around it. Or how about matching colors surrounding it. Or make a game out of it-ask your readers to get the alexa toolbar and help you get your numbers down by visiting daily.

    The point I’m making is; you have options. Your blog is YOUR place on the web to do what you want. Turn that weakness into a strength. And Stumble me while you’re at it!

  10. hahahah!
    Thanks Caleb-
    Don’t be surprised if on one of my lazy days that EXACT thing doesn’t happen…

  11. Actually, I did place the widget on my about me page, the page people go to the least (lol)! Yes Dave, I’m way ahead of you on the blog directory widgets also, I’ve got them all on my about me page, and I plan to add more.

  12. Hahaha!
    Well that’s good news.

    And you know what Tony the Tiger says about blog directory widgets; “They’re GRRREeeaattt!”

  13. I dont think alexa and google PR is of any good. Its a catch 22 situation-i mean you can make money or have alexa and PR but I think its pretty difficult to have them both.

  14. Hi Jim
    You’re right! I don’t see many sites with the PR and Alexa. EXCEPT if it’s a company site. But I like to think of it as the “perfect economy” they talk about in economic class. Everybody knows it’s impossible, but its a thing to aspire to.

  15. Hey Dave! I thought that having the Alexa counter on your site allowed visitors who did NOT have the toolbar to count and thereby raise your rank. Is that what you said? Sorry – it’s late and I’m fried.

    Anyway, coincidentally I just put the counters on two of my blogs a couple of weeks ago and I will attest to everything you wrote here. ‘Tis true!

    Are you grooming this blog for SocialSpark by any chance? You’d do great there!

  16. Hi Kathy!
    I feel like I’m being lazy by not coming over to your blog to answer this but yeah both. The counter allows people who do have the toolbar to “register” when they visit. And by having the toolbar yourself, YOU count also. So even maintenance visits to your site are good for you. Even if they only log your IP for the day-that’s one more click in the bank.

    Glad you’ve already seen some good results. And I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know it all (that’s IF I don’t know it all I might add), but I hadn’t heard of SocialSpark, I’m going to go do a search right now.

    And the only thing I’m grooming is my new Grizzly Adams beard! Constant blog work can do that to a man (or woman?)

  17. Ok Dave, the button has been on my site since the 10th and my rank hasn’t moved!! I am using the one that shows rank, and links! My rank hasn’t moved a digit since. Weird! I know I have been getting visit, probably over 100 since installed!

  18. OK, I’ve heard this before but I thought he was bluffing. Maybe there’s something to it for some sites. I’m 245,797 today and I’ll put the button on there tomorrow morning my time and see how she goes.

    I’m not going to mortgage the house based on any expected rise in Alexa ranking. Just in case.

  19. Not lazy! The discussion is here…

    SocialSpark is IZEA’s new sponsored blogging project that is in Alpha testing right now. The best part is nofollow links that should help you maintain your PR.

  20. @danandmarsh -Hang in there! Don’t throw in the towel, just “let it ride.” Here’s a little more info to think about. I’ve found that more Internet Explorer users have the toolbar than Firefox users. There IS a firefox plugin called SearchStatus. Do you have a stat reader of any kind to see what your visitors are using like Google Analytics or even the Feedburner stats?

    I’ll give you some more examples. Most of my traffic from Google search has IE, but since joining Entrecard I can see that most of those folks have Firefox. So you need to get more IE users. And more “tech” people have the toolbar too. Like this morning, my Half Tree Half Man article is BLOWING UP because the show aired last night in the UK-so I’ve got about 500 people in the last 12 hours coming from Google.uk and some forum where my link got posted. So you need to get out there on some forums and post a few links. COMMENT out there with a RELEVANT story link. People do it for me on their own, but I still visit half a dozen places a day (at least) and look for a topic that one of my 180 articles might relate to. But you also need to be hustling! 100 visitors is not right for 10 days. That’s 10 people a day, it’s gonna be hard to change anything with those numbers. I get worried if I don’t get 10 an hour, and I consider my blog a “baby blog.”

    @Sexy Old Broad. I hope you’re gonna give it more than 24 hours after you put it on tomorrow. I myself haven’t moved in almost a week, and I’ve increased about 50-75 visitors a day.

    @Hey Kathy, yeah I did some reading on that last night. They really hate the Izea family over at TechCrunch huh? You know I discovered YOU while investigating the PPP world. And I was looking at one last night called Yumie. I’m still on the fence about the Google/PR issue. I think once I learn how to build non-Google traffic I might be willing to start a PPP blog.

  21. Yeah, I remembered you telling me where you found my blog. That’s why I thought you might be holding out for SS.

    What the heck is Yumie?

  22. Hi dandanmarsh
    Yeah I went over and read the entire thing and the comments. I’ve been to Deimos

  23. Hi Dave,

    Great post. You hit on something that really cracks me up, all of the “how to make money” and “optimize your site” blogs. It’s my assertion that if all of these blogs really had the answer, more blogs would be at the top of the blog game.

    Granted, there’s some advice that does help. But I’m a firm believer that your subject matter and posts are going to be what takes your blog to the top.

  24. WHAT A JUMP in 10 days! Well Dave it happened. Recorded Apr 6, (1,241,234)
    Today April 16 (756,276)
    totally drop—478,401……………..what a drop, don’t know how this works, but I like the #’s!!!

  25. danandmarsh
    hahahahah!!!! That is Great Man!!

    I didn’t get into the 700,000 range MYSELF until today! That is fantastic news. I’m SOOO glad you stuck with it.

    Throw me a link! Tell your friends (with links of course).

    Sheila thanks for noticing. Trying to claim you’re “an authority” in this market is crazy at this point. It really it. Having said that; tonight I’ll be writing a how to make money piece! What a hypocrite. But at least I won’t claim “pro” status, I’ll leave that to Darren

  26. Hey dandanmarsh
    Thanks, I appreciate that and I stopped by so maybe we can get some discussion going over there too.

    And SexyOldBroad, I think in my second images up above I went in the wrong direction too early on. I think of it like dropping a big rock in a bucket of water. At first the water is higher then it settles. I hope you’ll hang in there. There’s probably a better analogy out there…

  27. dude:
    Alexa is logarithmic..meaning the bottom of the rankings is less difficult to crack than the top…i.e. is is 1000x as hard to go from 10,000 – 1,000 as from 100,000 to 10,000.
    When you’re dealing with sites in a millions, you can move up millions of spots if you get 2 friends to install the toolbar.

  28. Well dude I’m not sure what you’re saying.

    I didn’t move for months and then I did this and did. Are you saying I should stop being happy? I moved out of the millions a couple of weeks ago and I keep dropping-so…I think I’m gonna keep doing what’s working.

    Everybody understands that it’ll get tougher as you get into the good numbers. You ever see everybody rush for the door when I fight starts? If you’re way over in the corner of the room you might have 5 feet of space around you, but by the time you get to the door its a crunch.

    Also yesterday Alexa announced a math change and nobody knows their formula anymore-if they ever knew in the first place.

  29. This topic is really getting a lot of attention…

    Dave,I just read the Mashable post on this subject and it says Alexa’s now gathering their ranking info from “secret sources” whats up with that?

  30. Hey Caleb! Hey man, what’s up. What a world of difference since your visit early on right? It’s only been a week!

    And yeah, Alexa changed the formula, and I’ve read about 30 posts in the last 2 days of people posting their new numbers. I would say 27 out of those 30 lost a lot ground they had made-usually losing position of about 50,00-200,000 points. Mostly people with who had rankings of 150,000 and lower. We’re still dropping over here (in a good way). So it primarily affected people who were already “set” for the most part.

    As for popularity-this post is the most commented on, but WAY from the most visited.
    -My myspace phishing gets visited by hackers trying to break into accounts round the clock
    -My half tree half man is bringing in thousands a day because the program just aired in England
    -And now my “how to make money” thing.
    So those are all doing about double the traffic over here.

  31. With the new Alexa ranking system, let’s see if displaying the widget and installing would still help. But according to their announcement, yeah they changed the rules of the game. Hmmm, I wonder if we could still sustain the pattern by which our ranking has been progressing.

  32. Hi Bloggista
    As far as I’m concerned this would be a terrible time NOT to have the widget/toolbar combo. Since people are losing points, anything at all that MIGHT either move you up or at the very least keep your points stable is a safe choice.

    You know what I’m saying? It’s free, its small, it’s not in conflict with any rules or policy. Just go with it for now.

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  35. Even my website’s ranking dropped, though by couple of thousands only.

    Strangely, we are seeing a consistent increase in the number of unique visitors through Statcounter.com, the changes in Alexa ranking are slightly dis-aligned.

    Wondering, how to make our visitors install Alexa Tool bar!!!


  36. Hi Gireesh
    Yeah, many sites experienced a drop. And some have even reported that their numbers came back and in some cases even a little better, so that change that Alexa did in mid-April affected most people.

    But not me, I started this experiment before the change. Sadly I have stopped moving for my longest period. About 2 weeks now and no change; of course I’m also not “hustling” for traffic like I normally do since I’ve been building 4 other blogs.

  37. Ok, I started out at 245.797 and today I’m 212,956. I have no idea why it went lower but it *might* be the widget. Jury is still out. 🙂

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