I Used Internet Explorer ONE TIME and My Computer Got Infected so Bad it’s Totally Shut Down

So I’ll confess. I WAS going to a Crack/Serialz website. And I’ll also confess that I was using IE6 and not 7. But normally the Firefox/ZoneAlarm combo is enough to keep me protected against anything, so I got cocky. For a specific reason I had internet Explorer opened to do something local (I was testing a website’s html code) and without thinking I used the browser to GO ONTO THE INTERNET. And everybody knows you NEVER use IE to go on the internet. Ever. I mean you’re asking for trouble. And that’s what I got.

So now I’m writing to you from my back-up computer, because my main computer is totally dead. When I got to the website in question I was assaulted by about a dozen pop-ups and “yes/no” boxes. I didn’t panic, but navigated through them slowly to make sure I didn’t choose a bad option, but it was too late. My system started slowing down BAD within seconds, and by the time I got a clear desktop and restarted my machine all I got get was a black screen. And so I don’t know how many days it’ll take me to undo this damage. Can’t get into safe mode, can’t use the recovery disk, and can’t get into system restore. It’s bad. I can fix pretty much 100% computer damage software or hardware, but this one is a puzzler. At this point the only thing I can get to work is SpinRite disk repair, but nothing is wrong with the hard drive, it looks like the Master Boot Record has been altered. My guess is the virus goal is to turn my computer into a clone-showing me a black screen while using my machine to do malicious stuff.

So word to the wise. Stick with Firefox and a copy of Zone Alarm.