If You Are Not Using Yahoo for Domain Name Registration at 1.99 You Are Crazy

OK, I’m still a little behind schedule today. The reason I’m behind schedule is I’m creating multiple blogs and registering domain names. And trying to find host like PowWeb (where you can get 80 dollars of free advertising from both Yahoo and Google , and there’s a little ad at the bottom of this page for their $3.88 hosting). But purchasing domain names can be expensive if you don’t look for the cheapest domain registration. I usually go to Godaddy to do my domain name checks, but then I buy my domains from Yahoo . And you should too. Can you find a better ongoing deal than $1.99? I don’t think so. And do not get fooled by Godaddy’s $1.99 offer . Like I said, I myself am a Godaddycustomer, but their $1.99 comes only if you buy something else-like hosting.

But you need to do a search. I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest checking Yahoo! Small Business . As you can see from that screen capture. I got offered the cheap domain name deal last night, so you can still purchase a domain from that at that price. The deal is only for “new customers.” Also keep in mind, their 2nd year domain name renewal price is NOT so good, so when the year is up I usually go to Godaddy. This year they were doing $6.99 and get a second year free. (I spent most of the afternoon today doing that upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1, I told everybody it was gonna happen 2 weeks ago when they released that terrible 2.5).

But if you’re going to stick with making blogs you’re going to need to buy domain names. But once you start one blog you’ll probably do another one. Be sure to find the right department, which is Yahoo! Small Business and register with them for that good price. If that links doesn’t show you the deal don’t worry as of March 2009 I checked they’re still doing it! So you should look around at the above site and also try see if this link might work too. And do it multiple times , it doesn’t matter. You can use any Yahoo account, I used mine, my mother’s, my uncle’s, etc., They’re not doing anything with ’em! So now I just have a little Excel chart with all the different logins and domains.

9 thoughts on “If You Are Not Using Yahoo for Domain Name Registration at 1.99 You Are Crazy

  1. Thanks for the tip! I always go with GoDaddy for domain registration and then transfer my new domains over to my server (who charges a whopping $26 for domain registration!!!). Didn’t know that about yahoo, but I’m headed over there in the next few days. I have a new blog I want to start.

  2. Hi Kathy, I’m sorry to hear people are presenting such high prices to you. And I’m not going to lie to you, back in 2000 when I started my first website (a dating site) I got really tied in with a bad group, they didn’t try to charge me high fees, but they tried to hold my domain hostage. Since I went with combination all around company.

    I should probably do a post on why I get each part independently now. Domain from one place, host from another etc, Like in jan/feb my terrible host, 3ix, shut me down for too much traffic I was able to move my blog within 12 hours.

    If i understand what you’re saying the host not godaddy is charging that fee right? But nobody should be charging you to set up your domain name at their hosting address. You can do that yourself for free at godaddy. You get the DNS from the host and “point” your name to that server. 2 minute operation.

  3. No, what I meant was that my host gave me one domain that was included in my package. I can have up to 11 domains with my package, but I have to register the additional ones. Their price for the additional domains is $26 per. Rather pricey, eh? I’ve been getting my additional domains at GoDaddy for $6.99 each and pointing them to HostPapa.

  4. Oh I see! Hosting 11 sites with one domain name included.

    Yeah for the rest, definitely go with Yahoo. I bought 2 this morning, I’ll probably “announce” the new sites in whatever I write for today’s post.

    Last night I found a place that’s doing the impossible. Free php enabled hosting for 5 sites per account. With the caveat being you get a weird subdomain (but if you forward the domain like you can for wordpresss.com or blogger nobody would know)

    And what’s the deal with all these papa and daddy names?

  5. That’s great Sheila, and from that yahoo page, you can just forward it straight to your blogspot. Don’t forget to renew ELSEWHERE in 12 months-that yahoo price is like 12 bucks for year two.

    Now if we can get you over to WordPress! Visit that free place I mentioned…

    🙂 Kathy

  6. I just bought one from my host for $5.99…I don’t feel like I lost out though – that’s for two years 🙂

    Not to mention it’s nice not to have to switch everything over!

    That is a great deal though, I’m sure if I had read this sooner I would have checked it out! I will have to keep it in minf id I decide to take on a 4th blog! (that won’t be anytime soon though!)

  7. Hi Chelle
    Well it’s impossible to catch every deal out there, but now you know about this one. And you got the best price I’ve heard except this one.

    In fact, you can still buy a domain now and use it later. I mean you don’t HAVE to start a blog just cause you have the domain ( I know you know that already I’m just spreading that idea to others). I’ve had some domain names sitting sitting for a WHILE. I didn’t figure out what to do with http://dirtysmiles.com until this week.

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