Is Amish Shah Hurt or Helped by Google’s Version of Google Goggles?

Yeah I know. That is one ugly ass post title. Too many g’s and o’s. But that’s the question I asked myself out loud, so I figure other people will probably ask it too. Anyway until that eBay hard drive arrives for me to clone my dead hard drive I can’t really do any real work, so here I am writing “articles” instead of “copy.” Even though I keep swearing off internet money topics…

original goggles

If you didn’t know, Amish and his team put out a product that helps people see ROUGHLY how Google Adwords might see their site from a Quality Score standpoint. Very, very useful tool (if you have and use an Adwords account). The product is called “Google Goggles.” I had been on the fence about buying it for about 2 months. I was either going to get the goggles or Jonathan Van Clute’s LP Gen (Landing Page Generator).

LP Gen comes at the quality score issue from a different angle. It actually takes your keywords and theme and pretty much BUILDS the kind of site you need to get a good score. But the cost of that item was several hundred more dollars. So I wrote to Jonathan and was like “hey, dude any specials or deals comin’ up?” And he was like; nope. And that was that. But he did say be on the lookout for some news, so sit tight. And I decided, ok come New Years I’ll have a nice Azoogle payment coming in and by that time he’ll either release an update or a “package deal” and I’ll get it then.

In the meantime I kept thinking about going with Amish’s goggles. I was already able to get QS with 7’s and 10’s using maybe a handful of keywords, not TONS AND TONS. So the goggles were haunting me because they also provide a sort of game plan for site design. You know what? Let me go get an affiliate link to their page because I really didn’t set out to write a product review. Go look at their thing HERE.


No, I wanted to talk about this idea that GOOGLE has now come out with a “Google Goggles.” In that Chicago Tribune piece they talk about their tool incorporating real-time Twitter and Facebook into their search, so now you can get UP TO THE MINUTE search results. With blogs they shaved the post/search time down to about 5 minutes, but with their version of goggles you’ve got near instantaneous search results popping up.

But what’s going to happen is that the phrase “Google Goggle” is going to be out there now. Will this help Amish? ORRRRR will Google make them stop using the name? One has to assume he had some kind of permission or relied on some sort of disclaimer clause “we’re not associated with THE Google…etc” But what happens now to his branding?

This is all a little interesting of course, because this week 2 things happened. Google Adwords kicked a bunch of us out, meaning they’re going on the offensive. And Chris Carpenter the ORIGINAL Google Cash dude decided to make Google Cash free because of all the info products of (varied quality) out there with “Google” in their name. So, freaky times man. Freaky times.

8 thoughts on “Is Amish Shah Hurt or Helped by Google’s Version of Google Goggles?

    • I want to thank you VERY much for dropping by and putting up that link, BUT, I’m gonna have to go with my conscious and not print it as you originally left it.

      Even though it looks like one of the product creators is giving Googles away free that link LOOKS like a members link for people who bought their training course. If you can show me where you got the link from and it’s THEM legitimately giving it out I would love to print it. Otherwise I just don’t think it’s right for ME to do it.

      But the good news is that it might also be a free trade. They’ll give you the software if you give them your email, so I’m shortening the link you left and adding the link to their product and people can check that out.

  1. I got it from being on their email list. Never purchased any course from them.

    It was a lead magnet given away for the launch of CPA Ninja School. (Pushing the free line! 🙂 They gave it away for free without the need to purchase anything. If you read the copy on that page, it says, “Simply enter your email address in the box to the right and we’ll “buy you” a copy of Matt’s notorious “Google Goggles” software just for being our friend and coming along with us on this crazy CPA Ninja adventure.” It did not say For CPA Ninja Customers Only

    It is honestly not a big deal if you post it, I just wanted to help you out bro.

    • Again Ian,

      I’m very appreciative and yes I did read the page. And it pretty much conveyed what I was saying. An exchange; software for email. Essentially saying since you’re on our list here’s a gift.

      I said it looked like a link for existing customers but was probably an email exchange. Email capture is seen by many to be far more valuable than a one time sale. And that’s why we’ve got a couple of links up now for people who want to get on their list and get access to the software.

      I don’t want you to think I’m not thankful but it’s not something I own, so whether it’s preventing a sale or an email capture, unless they had given the link to me themselves I don’t think it’s my place to spread it around. As you said it’s not a big deal, just wanted you to know my take on it. But if YOU have a blog or site out there you can choose to put it up yourself right?

      Next topic, check this out;

      Today I was on Gauher’s early bird list for Pay Per View Formula right? So I ordered it, sent the money through paypal, then 20 minutes later got refunded by them I guess automatically. 3 hours later they sent me the “chance” to buy at the higher price ($250 more). So I just sucked it up and paid. But I wasn’t a “happy” buyer, but Google is just a mess, and will probably BE a mess for the next year at least-did you read my other piece about the Adwords thing? So other traffic is the way to go these days. And I’ve been a Gauher reader for about 2 years so felt like it was time to buy something anyway (not to mention the tools inside the members area).

  2. No worries man. Yeah I have read your other material including the Adwords info. Very interesting.

    Darn, that is unfortunate with PPV Formula. I would email Gauher about it. He is a pretty good guy. I am a PPCF and PPVF member. He offers great course material!

    • Thanks, Ian. I WILL email him and show him both receipts where the purchase went through with that refund in the middle. But even for a rich guy, giving back money (even if it’s just partial) when it’s not a flat-out dissatisfied customer type issue is a probably a hard thing to do. But we’ll see…

      But yeah, I’ve got SO much other stuff I’m doing right now that the prospect of trying to do extensive (as opposed to limited) trial an error with ppv is not something I’m up for. Especially during the heavy buying season. Need to hit the ground running as best I can, if you know what I mean.

  3. Yeah, that is the problem. I have so much to do, but it is hard to focus on one thing and blow it up! I feel like doing a million little things and dappling in everything is probably not what I should be doing right now.

    Anyways, good luck bro!

    • Thanks! You too. End the year with big numbers.

      And I heard from Gauher and turns out the lower cost link was one he hadn’t approved. So the higher price was pretty much the only price. So at least I’m in.

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