Is Edwards the Great White Hope for Obama?

I was REALLY torn about what angle to take on this piece. It was either the obvious path I’ve decided to go, OR I was going to make a sort of Police reference and use the opening line “Don’t stand so close to me.” And why would Edwards be apprehensive about standing too close to Obama? Well ever since I was a little black kid all the way until I became a doddering old black man (40!) every single black comic I’ve ever heard has had a routine about a black man becoming president and how very SHORT his term would be with the gag line being about how fast he’ll be shot. So now that this premise has become a real "life imitating art" scenario I DO wonder about the prospect of that happening. But since presidential assassination is sort of an American tradition, I decided NOT take that angle on this piece. I’m trying to bring new idea to the table here!

So instead I want you to consider this premise; John Edwards is being presented as the safe white man who’ll "be there” to keep the ship on course. Just like good ole’ dad holding onto the back of jr’s first bicycle ride. Here’s the deal; have you noticed in the last few weeks how Howard Dean has popped up again like a rejuvenated, hibernating bear? Well, he clearly has been very busy behind the scenes, and one of the things I believe he spent May doing was convincing John Edwards to be Obama’s Vice President.

So Edwards, who repeatedly said (like they all do), that he had no interest in being vice president is doing a considerable amount of VP posturing. That endorsement looks VERY running mate/winning ticket photo op. So you know what this about right? I mean we’re all adults here, so let’s be real. This is how it’s GOT to be playing out in Dean’s mind an the DNC think tank. ”OK, let’s let Clinton and Obama fight it out and whoever seems to pull ahead in a definitive way is who we’ll throw Edwards at.” Because again, let’s be real; Clinton and Obama-a woman and black guy, sure that’s OK for democrats around the country but the Red State people? Get real! I mean really! Get real. No matter HOW sick they are of Bush, no matter HOW much money McCain’s wife wont disclose that she has, no matter how bad McCain’s temper is or how old he is-those Red State people will let this country burn to a cinder before they put a woman or a black guy in office-without a some kind of safety net. ESPECIALLY Bill Clinton’s wife. I mean really! Get real. So what do you do? You slap a standard issue, Southern drawl talkin’ white guy on the ticket. Fait accompli. Despite the tiff that supposedly happened between Obama and Edward’s wife-water under the bridge now that they’re looking at the next 4-8 years doing Air Force 1 flights together.

Meanwhile the temerity to suggest that anybody AT ALL was wondering what Al Gore is going to do with his super delegate vote. AS IF. As if this is a question in any way, shape or form. Listen Gore is NOT Bill Richardson. Gore can’t claim he “paid his debt” to the Clintons. Bill Clinton did a lot for Richardson and Gore, but he made Gore VICE PRESIDENT! There have only been 43 in the history of this country. And let’s face it; after Gore lost people were really ANGRY that he didn’t try a little harder only showed his "human" side after the election. So he spent the next several years doing all kinds of "works for the world" to rebuild his personal capital and become beloved. So if he switches over to Obama…that’ll go down the drain. He’ll revert to persona non grata. I don’t care if Hillary was some old broken whore in some old fashioned Western town, Gore would STILL have to sleep with her. He is DUTY BOUND to slap on 10 rubbers and get into bed with her. And so Gore’s vote is not even up for debate.

4 thoughts on “Is Edwards the Great White Hope for Obama?

  1. Yeah – it does make sense. Edwards is probably exactly what Obama needs to cement this. I gotta say – I sure prefer him to Hillary. BLECH.

  2. Hi Kathy
    Good to hear from you. I actually am getting a late start on a piece for the day-I spent most of the day having long comment exchanges in the comment category.

    But yeah, it’s strange how it came down to Obama and Clinton, but now the real issue is to make an electable ticket for whoever the Highlander turns out to be (There Can Be Only One!)

    Here’s a strange thing; right after I made this post Huckabee did an Obama getting shot joke. And the problem with somebody who is NOT a black comedian putting that out there is the idea starts to seep into the minds of crazies like a sponge. I mean it doesn’t take much; look what Catcher in the Rye did to John Lennon.

  3. I don’t think Obama will want to go with John Edwards as VP. Edwards, in spite of his drawl, is a trial lawyer and another rich elitist liberal type. In other words, a tough sell to moderate voters in swing states who’ll determine this election.

    Obama would be better off to select someone like Joe Manchin, Governor of West Virginia, a moderate business executive type who hasn’t lost touch with his blue collar roots.

  4. Hi Frank
    Well, I think it can argued that nobody who’s ever served as President has lived a blue color lifestyle in the 20 years prior to being elected president. and most of them were actually born wealth, and I haven’t seen the stats on all them as far back as Washington but also college educated. So I think they’ve all been “elitist” even though I’m not exactly sure if that means rich or educated as it’s being used in this election.

    And if I’m not mistaken it might have been Edwards first who was campaigning on a “people first” position and when he got knocked out the race his ideas got absorbed by everybody who was left in the race. Especially Obama and Clinton-strange right!

    And in this piece I’m not really talking about what Obama wants so much as what the Party wants (what they think is electable). Because they will bestow the venerated “nomination” on who they want, and it really is a balance of what the party wants in conjunction with the presidential hopeful wants.

    And finally all the elitism in the world can’t compete with race. In other words I feel 100% positive those swing voters will see what they want to see. I mean, they bought “compassionate conservative” from Bush when we was killing the largest number of Death Row inmates in the country down in Texas.

    Thanks for putting a new angle on this thing today!

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