It’s Offical! Deadpool is the New Marvel Mascot-Move Over Spidey

Well by “official” I mean I’m declaring it. But how can I NOT declare it given all the evidence? A slow and steady tidal wave of Deadpool love has been churning in the collective underbelly ever since The Marvel Civil War.

As loyal readers know Deadpool has had books come and go since the 90’s and during the civil war thing they basically took him and a BUNCH of B-list characters and said “look if we can’t get these characters off the ground we’re throwing them out (or we’ll try again with the Skrull Invasion, or Dark Reign).” But low and behold Deadpool finally “took.” I mean even with they had Gail Simone trying to build her resume on the DP clone “Agent X” they couldn’t sell the comedy to the loyal fans. But in this age of angry politics, 2 wars, everybody broke-comedy works!

You may have noticed that Marvel and DC booth have been trying on this new Grimmer than Grim hat now for a couple of years. But Marvel has Also been trying to slip you the comedy in the form of Marvel Zombies (ripped off by DC and called Blackest Night) and the Pet Avengers. But the reigning clown prince has been Deadpool (who now has HIS own spin-off called Hit Monkey. Oh right I almost forget to mention who USED to be the clown prince; Spider-Man. But somebody had the bright idea to remove ALL the humor from his story line, re-boot it, give it multiple writers and artists and basically just see if anything stuck to the wall. It’s hell. I read it, but I kinda hate it. Y’know?

So what’s with all these word things!?? Let’s get to the digitally scanned proof! As you can see, by the sheer number of variant covers that came out in the last month that DP is a player. And by the way, this doesn’t include his THREE series currently running.