Karma Justice Retribution All That Shit is False, Here’s How the Universe Really Works

Normally on this blog I don’t tackle any heavy concepts. I talk about stuff that’s important to me, but usually nothing in the way of extreme opinion. But recently somebody asked me, “how do things work?” And I’ve decided to “share.” The good news is that it’s a very brief lesson. Don’t believe me? Here it is; those who have more options pay less and those with fewer options pay more. But just like E=mc22, the formula is easy it’s the explanation that takes a little time, so read on…

A little History-you can skip this part if you’re pressed for time

So while living in LA I started working on this book. The “big book of everything.” Friend of mine, best friend at the time, was murdered while I was in Tokyo visiting my fighting teachers. I come back he’s been strangled to death. I decide I need to know what is going on with the world. WHY do certain things happen? What is the master plan? There’s no logical rhyme or reason to things. And I stopped working. I went to the library and began a habit I’ve maintained to this day, having the maximum number of books checked out, and be continuously reading. But in this instance, I began with religious books. Tons of them. Eventually I worked my way to Eastern philosophies. In total I did about 600 books for that year/two year session.

I also, physically, went to a lot of Houses of Worship. All kinds, but again I ended up in quite a few Eastern temples and the like. I lived in Hollywood and the Vedenta place was literally walking distance, so I spent a good deal of time out there. Also checked out the Tibetans, the Krishnas, the Theosophans-the works! I’m talking almost 2 years of this stuff. And man did I do a lot of yoga! Dude I was gonna go to the Kumbh Mela! That’s how serious I was.

But see, even before ingesting all THAT philosophy I had my own philosophy. First, can you visualize a flight of stairs for me? Ok, well I treat personal growth as a combination of experience and learning, with those two concepts representing the two parts that make up a step. My feeling is too much learning and not enough experience makes you ill equipped for the world. And too much experience and no time out to pull in some new knowledge limits what you can do. So a combination of both is what makes for great development. So I did all that reading and visiting and talking and yoga and meditating (oh did I forget the meditating? well there was a lot of it) and something happened. There are a bunch of words for “it,” but I’ve called it “touching the universe.” In a nutshell I saw it. The Whole Thing. Whatever.

There’s a funny early episode of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show. Where this very angry/irate private detective is chasing somebody and he comes across a thing called the bucket of truth or something, and looking inside is supposed to drive you “mad” with all the knowledge. He angrily looks inside, sticks his head in, screams, pulls his head out, looks up and shouts “you think I don’t know that!” Well my moment was similar to that; not that I knew the stuff, but it was like “oh, Ok, I get it.” After that I spent the next 7 years writing this 800 page book. Can’t bring myself to publish it. But just imagine a whole book oriented like the premise of this post.

Now back to the idea

So let me restate it; people who do bad things don’t necessarily get their “just desserts” in the end. In fact, my experience has shown me that, mostly they don’t have to pay for their bad deeds-IF they can buy their way out. And by “buy their way out” I mean have options. It can be money, it can be escape clauses, it can be a goddamned trap door in the floor. But if a person has a way out chances are they’re not going to have to face the music. On the other hand people withOUT options tend to pay. Even if they haven’t done bad things, but especially if they have. Let’s look at some examples.

You like history? How about Hitler? Didn’t pay at all did he? Walked away with an easy suicide. Boom, case closed. The horror he unleashed on such vast numbers will never be “balanced out.” Not gonna happen. That’s it. He’s dead. He had the option of a quick end and he exercised it. He knew the alternative would have been pure misery. In fact what great political monster has paid a cost? IF, and this is important, IF they had options. Those guys in the French Revolution were shit out of choices, and so-off with their heads!

Or maybe you’re against the current Iraq war situation. Look at all those Bush guys who walked away scott free. Wolfowitz, Rove, Rumsfeld, Tenant, not to mention all the press secretaries he’s burned through. Do you know how many service people have been injured and killed? Or whose lived have been negatively impacted? And whether you agree to the civilian Iraqi dead numbers or not-it’s lot of people. So the people with fewer options got the short end of the stick. Case closed.

You into sports? Celebrities? How about OJ? White people have a burning anger in them about him. He’s the great fish story. The one they had on a hook but got away. I lived in LA during this event and let me tell you; the “white animosity” of right AND left leaning white people lasted for years and STILL lasts. If he does anything it makes the news. We don’t need to bring up the millions of lives the white population has intentionally or unintentionally destroyed. They’ve had to pay nothing for it. Nothing. In fact they’ve consistently benefited! But OJ, he did a wrong and didn’t pay and it burns them UP. Nobody considerers a Tonya Harding who had another white woman knee-capped. In broad DAYLIGHT. And Tonya walked away a few hours of community service, did NO TIME IN JAIL, and her guilt was just as apparent. (not to mention her bomb threats, etc.,). Even OJ was locked up for a year. But we’re dipping into crime now, and we could be here years bringing out example after of example of my concept’s accuracy in the crime arena.

Is all of this too big and impersonal? Well, here are some examples from my life. But I also urge you to look around at your life or anybody else’s and run them through my little formula and see if it’s not accurate.

I had a friend when I was growing up. We lived in the same apartment building and his people were related to the people I was living with (my mom worked 2 jobs so I stayed 5 days out of the week with a family). And this kid and I were “best friends” in the sense that we were together almost all the time and did all of our little adventures together. He was spoiled and I could have been spoiled too since we didn’t have blood siblings. But the family I lived with had a girl and she was my “sister” (and is to this day I might add). But that kid had this anger in him, violent and lashed out ALL THE TIME. And I got a lot of that violence. The kid was just constantly lashing out at people, and showing his lack of gratitude towards the people taking care of him (oh did I not mention he wasn’t living with his mother either? Yeah, he was living with relatives because his mother wasn’t able). So he grew up. Had a great life. No troubles. Joined the military, got promotions, met a women, had kids. And never had to pay for the 18 years of nastiness he dished out. But he had family safety nets. Never got pressed for money, so he was able to just live a life

Had another friend in LA. Guy had what I would call “life management” issues. Good guy. Just got himself into fixes a lot. And I spent a good deal of time being there for him when this happened. Did what I could, but mostly tried to steer him toward self growth and understand his situation. Or just lead by example. Anyway got him out of a few jams. He met a girl, then did something against his normal nature-sort of foul act to me. Not long after I left town. Got in touch recently and he was SO thankful and hoping I’d come back to LA. See he’s a guy without a lot of options, so his life went down the tubes. He’s had to “pay” for his bad deeds. But only because he doesn’t have any trap doors, or back up support.

I had a girlfriend who “left me” by cheating. I did a lot for that woman. LONG list of stuff. That’s aside from my full love etc., etc., Man, she met a guy and was cheating on me all within days. Within weeks she was prancing around this guy’s outdoor deck, sipping drinks and laughing about how they’d “gotten me.” And she’s still having a great old time. No payment to the universe dude. She had the option of a back-up man and she took it (actually she had several she could call upon). Didn’t have to endure any guilt or looks back. Walked out on me like I had been dead for several years or had never existed. Voila

So people with options make out like bandits. THAT is how the universe works. There is no “what comes around goes around.” Shitbags with escape clauses will use them and those without will feel the pain. But if you’re in pain try checking this out.

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  1. So the moral to this story is . . .


    Alas, I personally know what you are talking about. However please keep in mind that options can be dropped. They can whither and disappear. Also sometimes we just don’t get a chance to see the results. I’ve noticed some really bad karmic issues with old folks who lived a guilt-free life and their last few years are hell on earth. Go figure.

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