Making Money Online. The Remix

Man this takes me back! Back in the good old days of early and mid 2008 I used to write articles and get regular emails from people asking how to make money online. Eventually I wrote that long 7 part series. And tonight I got one of those emails, so I decided to write my response here so that any new arrivals can also benefit. So without further adieu…
Hello again
You’re right I AM busy, but I have a personal flaw that motivates me to help people. Why would I call that a flaw? Well as you can see I was writing quite a bit on this blog. Then I stopped around June and only started putting the occasional piece up about 2 weeks ago when I got kicked off my host for too much traffic and found myself working on the files for this blog. (In case you didn’t know, they WILL do that if you’re on “shared hosting.” That’s the 5-10 dollar a month deals). So when I moved the blog a few friends asked me to start writing again, since I used to write a LONG piece every single DAY.

But I had my adsense account closed because I was helping somebody who emailed with “just a few question.” He was so happy with his results he started clicking on my ads. (And in case you didn’t know, that will get your account closed). So I had to go through tremendous trouble and lost and unbelievable amounts of money to get set up again. So now I just refer people to those 7-8 post. Almost nobody follows the advice but it’s enough information to make you rich within a year. I gave it away for FREE and people still wont do as I explained. So my warning from earlier, about avoiding arbitrage for now, will really only have meaning to you after you read all the stuff.

Now yes, its long, but as you pointed out-I do write in a relatively natural voice so hopefully it doesn’t seem too boring or complex. Take your time. And take it easy. A lot of people find out there’s money on the internet and they want to be making money while online the next day. Take it easy visit other sites. LEARN. The internet is not going anywhere. Just keep in mind NINETY percent of them don’t know how to really make money. I’ll give you a one paragraph explanation right now.

Stick to adsense, affiliate sales and ebay. Focus on learning and understanding keywords, for adsense learn which ones make money. But for all 3 learn how to build blogs around specific keywords with ebay, affiliate items or adsense on them. Write articles and submit them all over the web with your keywords anchor linked to the blogs. You can try to make money on tbe blog you bought-but that money making model has only so much potential. Which I think you have discovered. My strategy can get you up to thousands and thousands and thousands as you refine your technique and grow from the same model I present. That’s the whole “secret” to making money online.
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One thought on “Making Money Online. The Remix

  1. Hi Dave, Second time here at your blog, and I’m very glad that I found you and your blog. Your post was “very” informative and I’m sure everyone who needs help with Adsense will certainly take a lot away from this article. I know I will, as I am one of those who could use some help in the Adsense arena. I’ve just read your whole post but, I’m going to really read it again tomorrow (Sat) I figure that will be my weekend read. So thanks a lot for the info. and now that I’ve found this blog, I’ll be back for sure.

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