Reaper the TV Show Survives the Grim Reaper. Returning Next Year

So, like, it was pretty touch and go there about 2 weeks ago. It looked fairly certain that Reaper was going to be take off the air. And I was reading articles about where the cast member were going. But now, as the kids say, it’s all good. The show gets to come back next year . And I’m pretty happy about that. What I’m NOT happy about is that the scheduled return date isn’t until March 03 2009. But this article was written June 2008 so Reaper is canceled as of June 2009 the show is going off the air.

I loved the Loop, which also featured lead actor Bret Harrison. The Loop was set right here in Chicago (that term is also slang for the downtown area of town). Although here’s a strange coincidence; another show I liked that got canceled was Working. That show starred Fred Savage from the Wonder Years-AND, he’s from Chicago too. Hmmmm. Maybe Hollywood had a Chitown bias? Speaking of weird, Bret was actually named “Sam” on both shows. And speaking of dead shows I liked I even liked that ABC Sci-Fi show Invasion. That show of course featured as a cast member Tyler Labine who plays Sock on Reaper.

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But still, why does FOX (and almost the CW) keep killing off good shows? I mean when you look at an Arrested Development it’s almost mind blowing. That show was so good it was insane. And don’t get me wrong I like Reaper but it was no Arrested Development! So what is so good about Reaper? It’s fun. It’s a fun show. One of the Executive Producers is Kevin Smith and the echoes of his religion are woven into the show. It’s almost like a tangent view of Dogma. I liked that movie too! Dogma had these kids with scythes who were demons and could teleport around. And Reaper has this kid who’s soul belongs to Satan and now demons are beginning to populate the shows cast. Including great guys from The State Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino. And yeah, I know I wrote about them being on the show already but it’s great! I’m see them really added to the show and Ray Wise? Such a pro. Such great performances every week.

But I was certain the TV show was dead on the second to last episode when it didn’t come on until 11:30 at night! Turns out there was a baseball game. So when all hell broke loose and they started threatening to cancel the show a whole fan movement started. They sent in socks in reference to the character Sock. I can only imagine what type of socks that arrived in the mail at the “CW.” Good thing didn’t write my “it’s canceled piece” 2 weeks ago or I would have had to write a “I mean it’s not canceled” piece.