Salt N Pepper on VH1: Dynamic Duo Becomes the Odd Couple

So WAY back in the old days of 1985 on my first official college radio program I used to play a lot of this new music called “Hip Hop.” And for female groups it was pretty much Roxanne Shante, and Salt N Pepa. That was it. It was even before Queen Latifah. So in this world of never ending fame, everybody who was anybody is getting a chance for their 16th minute of fame.


So when I did my radio show I was on the East Coast at University of Hartford’s WWUH and that proximity to NYC allowed me to go into the city. Sometimes I could even hear radio stations coming out of the city. Luckily, back in Chicago, I had been a break dancer, so by the time I came East I was already up to speed about the Hip Hop movement. Movies like Beat Street and Wild Style had made me anxious to visit in NYC. And originally I had applied to NYU but ended up settling for a school in Connecticut (until a few years later when I finally did get accepted to NYU, but this time I turned THEM down and chose Columbia University instead).

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But finding rap music today isn’t nearly as hard. And VH1, with shows like Hip Hip Honors, is becoming the go-to network (that link will take you to Salt N Pepa on Vh1). Plus they’ve taken the reality show format to the most extreme. Being the ugly sibling of MTV is no longer the title they’re willing to accept. Especially since they realized reality shows are FERTILE and reproductive. Almost Biblically so. Recall how the Surreal Life begat Flavor Flav and Bridgette, which begat Flavor of Love, which Begat I Love New York, and Flavor of Love with Mo’Nique. So VH1 knows how to exploit a concept.


Bringing us back to Salt and Pepa AKA Cheryl and Sandra. The first thing I noticed is no one mentions DJ Spinderella. She never got top billing, and neither did Jam-Master Jay of Run DMC, so I thought the plan was to just act like she never existed (but they finally give her some screen time around the 4th episode). But until then the show is about how the two stars have grown apart as friends and as a band. The premise of the TV show is to see if they can work it out. The first episode, of what would normally just be some junk on cable I might or might not watch, is rather heartbreaking for me. I had a woman leave me not long ago and I SEE both sides of her personality in both these women. Cheryl has become a woman with a family and is fulfilled by her role as a wife and mother. Oh, and she’s religious! Sandra, on the other hand, still wants to party and be in the limelight-some people say she even got a nose job. You see the problem, of course. Well clearly, so did the producers of the show. It’s a train wreck ready to happen with a marginal chance of things having a happy ending. But not really. You can’t make a woman-or anybody-change for anybody else, especially if there’s no reason to change. Neither woman will gain anything by changing the way they live. Nothing. Cheryl did a bad thing to Sandra years earlier by just leaving the group, and she does apologize-but, she wouldn’t go back in time and NOT do what she did. And Sandra still wants to be in a position to live the good life. She wants money, men, and the adoration of the public; and those desires are not going to go anywhere. And that kind of addiction will make a person do anything. As I see it there’s only one outcome for this relationship. But, in the meantime it’ll be ratings TV. So sit back and get ready to cringe.


Keep in mind this quote from Wiki.

In March 1999, Salt-n-Pepa embarked on their final live tour. Pepa (Sandy Denton) married Treach of Naughty By Nature on July 27, 1999. Salt-n-Pepa’s greatest-hits album, entitled Salt-n-Pepa: The Best Of was released on January 25, 2000. Treach and Pepa were divorced on July 31, 2001. The group officially disbanded in 2002. Upon disbanding, Salt claimed she had enough of the music industry and would no longer be involved in it. However, all that changed when Cheryl announced that she would be releasing her first solo CD “Salt of the Earth” which later changed to “Salt Unrapped“.’

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12 thoughts on “Salt N Pepper on VH1: Dynamic Duo Becomes the Odd Couple

  1. I have just tuned into your show and was shocked that you are looking for a good man. It makes me wonder how we all are. It should be no problem for you to find someone and many people say the same to me. I would like a chance to meet you and just talk. I am just me, and I hope you can understand my words….Mike.

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  3. Hey Mike, I think if you’re able to catch a repeat of the show that Pepper’s list is pretty tough. Good men I don’t think are going to cut it. She seems to be looking for
    a certain height
    a certain level of handsomeness
    and somebody “to pay her back, for all she put out” financially

  4. When I think of Salt and Pepa the group I think of all 3 young ladies. For them to include her on only one edpisode was not right. On that episode they still didn’t make her feel included. They really told her they did not need her. She WAS a part of Salt & Pepa. You didn’t just think of 2 girls when you heard their name, you thought of all 3. What a cold, cold world we live in. Cheryl is supposed to be a Christian now. Something just was not right in their interaction with Spin. It was almost like they said okay let’s bring Spin on & get that out of the way. I felt as though they used her. They both seem selfish to me. Better be careful girls, you reap what you sow !!!!!!!!

  5. I think salt is really putting her life in jeopody. She needs to leave peper alone GOD WOULD NOT BE HAPPY to come back and see here doning that. Salt she is going to pull you away if you hang out to much longer.

  6. PLease salt if you get this GOD is telling me to tell you to stop don’t you see how she is trying to push you away from GOD. Don’t let the devil use her to get to you. You are a women of GOD be strong and don’t let her push you down. I don’t think it was wise for your church friends to tell you it was ok for you to go and do this with pep. And for you instead of asking her or them you should have spoke to GOD first and if he did not answere you you need to stand on his word and wait. As I watch the show I see after a while she is going to break you down. I will pray for you. GOD bless you sister . I hope I did not upset you. I would like for you to make it into haven. Just ask your self 1 Question if GOD would to come back as your on stage singing those songs would he smile or put his head down what do you think sister. GOD BLESS U

  7. I have always been a fan of S&P! I really like their show which I think is very informative. So many times we treat our friends with contentment and do not understand why they behave or act the way they do towards us. When the girls went to see the life coach depicts a willingness to understand the other, and how Salt encouraged Pep to spend time with her son, I think is demonstration of a good friendship. You ladies are teaching me how to appreciate the differences, embrace the love, and move forward from the errors of life. I encourage those who watch the show to watch as if learning for the first time on how to treat your friends. It takes time, understanding, but most importantly love. I think that both Cheryl & Sandy love one another, but are learning to be truthful with each other and tolerant on the level on which the other can understand. I love Pep’s enthusiasm about life, looks, and love. I also appreciate Salt’s love of God, family, and stability. You each have so much to offer the other. Continue to give…………it’s working!

  8. Hi Gorgesoueone,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I think you are 100% correct. They’ve made giant leaps of growth on the show and one of the most important things was the life coach. I’m thinking of writing a brand new piece now that the series, or at least the season, is over.

  9. Wow.. what a wonderful show. I really enjoy watching it and It great to see the ladies during their thing while looking so great.

    • I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the show Latesha, so did I. I’m actually surprised you were able to FIND the show. I think it’s been off the air for almost 2 years… maybe it’s in reruns?

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