Strange Theory: I Think Arab Guys Like Women With Big Asses

So your first question to ME has got to be; Dave, how did you come up with this theory? And yes, I DO have an answer, and yes it IS kind of scientific. And by “scientific” I don’t mean I came up with the theory and then went around collecting data. What I mean is, scientific in the sense that I have some evidence-now I’ll be the first to admit it’s WEIRD evidence. But it is evidence and I stand by it. Here’s what happened; about 2 or 3 weeks ago I wrote an innocent piece about a big ass donut I found here in Chicago. Not a ground breaking story, but it WAS a big donut. Now, as a guy with a blog who likes to make sure that SOMEbody is reading the blog I have statistics that I check every once in a while. And when I checked the stats on that donut piece I noticed I was getting a few visits from people who were already on the site and just stumbled on that article, but almost ALL of my traffic from search engines like Google were from people searching for the words “bigass” and “big ass.”  (By the way if YOU are looking for a site that focuses on women who have a BIG ASS, check this out.) AND on top of that most of the people were from Middle Eastern countries AND once they found the article they would then use my blogs translation tool to translate it to Arabic OR they would find me from the Google Arab language edition. Have a look at the evidence…

ass.jpg ass3.jpg ass4.jpg ass5.jpg ass6.jpg ass8.jpg ass7.jpg

All that is from 2 days ago! What a lot of people aren’t really aware of is how pervasive the Muslim religion is on the continent of Africa. And of course in the modern world Africans, like everybody else, are spread out all over the world. Many of them go to Arabic speaking countries. So maybe. Just MAYBE there are some African brothers in these Middle Eastern countries staying TRUE to the Black man’s love of big nice ASS. Could it be that our love of chunky asses is actually internal? I mean do we ALL like girls with big asses? I had a friend once (Black guy like me) but he was about 5 years younger, and I was on one side of thirty and he was on the other. He used to tell me how me he LOVED “petite” women and “slim” women and “hot skinny chicks.” And I used to tell him that once he got just a little bit older things were gonna change. He was gonna want a little more ass! I was like you, “I used to like bite sized women. But as I got older I realized I wanted more woman. I mean with all things being equal if they ALL give you the same size headache, shouldn’t you at least get more woman for your effort?” Now, that’s MY strange take on the issue, but pound for pound Black men are big ass fans-whatever the reason.

Ok my blog did have anomalies. One is pretty straight forward. I had a visitor from Japan, but I was curious about WHAT exactly he was looking for, and the results were kinda funny.


Next up was this visitor from France. Now, I think it’s pretty widely known that many Arab people speak French as well as actually live there. So even though this one’s from France, I have to think…


And finally, never let it be said that I’m not looking out for people. In case you actually ARE looking for some big round assed women. I have provided a couple of YouTube big ass videos of PG rated women showing you their fat asses! The first one is entitled Arab Dance with big ass . But in a VERY selfish move they disabled the embed function, so you’ll have to follow that link. But here is video number 2, and it’s essentially “big black ass .”

By the way its a MONTH later and now I’ve got HUNDREDS of these little stat things. All day EVERY day, same countries. It. Is. Amazing. I don’t know what’s going on over there, but “ass” is a BIG deal.

And now it’s FOUR YEARS later, 2012, and Arab people still come here every day, all day long looking for big asses! Check out some recent searches.

You would THINK people in Iraq and Afghanistan are busy enough but I’ve gotten tons of people from there over the years.

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