Sunday TV-America the Story of Us and Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking Plus the 2010 TVLand Awards

So that’s a hell of a night of nerd TV right? Sunday the 25th I was watching a lot of  TV (it actually included the Kirstie Alley show and the Simpsons too, but we’ll talk about that in a different piece). But let’s start with the new mini-series Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking.

Good show. Most science shows these days use pretty extravagant and convincing graphics and that really makes abstract concepts more understanding and let’s be real; this is a show based in science but primarily thought experiments that Hawking has had. So the graphics really sell the ideas. And exciting ideas they are. I had an early interest in science so I’ve done pretty extensive reading-for a layman-and have either read these ideas or thought about them often myself.

Hawking of course has been our generation’s Einstein-even the idea of the “thought experiment” is Einsteins but it’s GOOD IDEA. Let’s take for example the first episode. It’s about alien life. And I think he’s the first guy I’m aware of take this idea to the logical conclusion. Think about it; you have to first say ok, we can not be the only life in the Universe-it’s infinite.

So the next question, is the life intelligent? Probably. Has to be right? Next question; can that life find us? Well that’s the big one. Is that other life smart enough and curious enough and able enough to find us. But let’s say they do. Well guess what? If you you think about it, it would probably not be good for us. It would probably be War of the Worlds of V. Because what do we plan to do if we find life elsewhere? We plan to move in. So of course more advanced would probably look at us like cows or monkeys to be moved away from good resources OR used as resources. And the program doesn’t lay it but like I just did, but it’s along those lines.

Next program-America the Story of Us. Well this is classic History Channel right? Again, it’s good. We NEED to be looking back. Often! Because so many people have awful information and REALLY awful misinformation.

First of all somebody has FINALLY, in the same program talked about the 1607 Jamestown Settlement and the 1620 Plymouth Colony. You DO know they were different right? Like totally. Those guys at Jamestown were make your own destiny types and they included 19 non-slave black people. Those guys over at Plymouth were an all white religious group. Sound familiar? Do those “two Americas” still exist? Anyway Squanto helped the Pilgrims and Pocahontas saved the Jamestown folks-so they both ended up “integrated.”

Of course with history, you can’t make everybody happy right? I’ll give you an example; they’re doing “ok” by black people for AT LEAST acknowledging their presence in a way most history shows have glossed over or ignored-but they’re underplaying it. some rease Edward Garrick a “17 year old wig maker” is distinguished for ‘starting america”, Crispus Attucks is mentioned in passing and no comments about the fact that he’s the FIRST AMERICAN MAN TO DIE IN THE REVOLUTION, instead they just say over an a terribly invisible reenactment that he  ‘dies instantly” like he wasn’t there to defy the British! But I guess this is to keep white people from being angry.

The First  American  Man Shot in the Battle at Lexington with the British was ALSO black, Prince Estabrook.

They DID at least say that they learned about Smallpox inoculation from African slaves. Because everybody at Valley Forge was dying and George Washington made that decision! The Great Father indeed. The guy who also MADE our army was the Prussian Von Steuben, and they say he was gay. But he WROTE our first military manual, and I learned about that in the Navy-by the way I myself am of Prussian descent!

And finally let’s talk about the 2010 TVLand Awards. The little I saw? Great! I mean they had a lot of stuff going on and I love TV. I’ll admit it. Many people try to write TV off as crap. But I love it, and always have. You can ALWAYS find some good shows. “Hollywood” I have far less good things to say-but they don’t make ALL TV, just most. But anyway I saw some really nice things on this award show. For example; FINALLY a reunion of the 1980 show Bosom Buddies cast. Who knew that “Sunny” was British?!!!

They also had a Love boat reunion AND Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. Obviously Mel’s comedy is something that’s been a part of my whole life-from Get Smart to Blazing Saddles, to Young Frankenstein, etc. And I thought he had died! But now that I think about it-I realize it was his wife. So I was glad he was still with us. Also on the program-Blondie, not sure why, but I’m a fan so good deal.