Weirdest MySpace Comment I’ve Ever Gotten

So I almost don’t even need to say anything. In fact let’s get this out of the way first; please look below and you can see . OK, you’ve had a look? What do you think? It was sent for me by a nice woman; funny and smart. All that good stuff, but that picture…Well let’s just put this into context. I’m a 40 year old black guy into movies, so I joined MySpace around the same time I started doing this blog-about 6 months ago. Really for the purpose of connecting with other filmmakers or wannabe/hope-to-bes like me. And the blog was just this idea of kinda documenting this process. And the Myspace thing was just because I kept hearing about social networks and social networking and how it wasn’t like blogging and that I simply had to get into it. So the blog ended up going in one direction. And my MySpace thing kind of took on a different kind of direction; from a social networking personal challenge I set up for myself to see how fast I could make it to 1000 friends, to dating.

Here’s the deal if I were a woman , and if I were on iVillage and if she were on iVillage, and we exchanged this picture it really wouldn’t be such a bad thing. The picture, in and of itself, is innocent enough. Or it USED to be innocent . But Google just this week released their new mandate about sexualized youth. And I don’t even want write the words , because I don’t want those keywords in my blog. So these kinds of fun pictures aren’t really cool anymore. And especially as MySpace comments. Not today. And not sent to ME, as a guy heading towards middle-aged, single and BLACK. I mean Jesus! This is just not the way to go.

So I wrote to her and thanked her for checking in with me, but informed her that, that picture had be deleted from my MySpace profile. I mean, over here, at MY blog, with MY context, I can display it. Not that I’m 100 percent comfortable about it now. But it’s a great example of where our culture is going. The internet has made these types of images a strange place and social networking has made us ALL strange because without that face to face interaction, we can’t really gauge the personality, humor, and taste of people like we used to. But this is how things are now.