Farscape Moves to Comic Books and Black Panther Comic Book Moves to TV

Up is Down and Down is Up. First of all I wrote this a couple of days ago and thought it posted but it was just in save, but it’s still kind of breaking news. Yeah, the world of comic and Moves/TV is crossing at an even greater pace then when I first wrote a piece back in October. So one piece of big news to come out of the New York Comic Convention is that Mark Waid is doing 2 big things. He’s coming over from DC Comics to Marvel Comics to work on Amazing Spider-Man. Now, it was only about a week ago I talked about what a fantastic job he did on the Legion of Super-Heroes . I LOVED what the gut wrenching stories he told in this very candy coated set of characters. He brought the true grit into the game. But wait it’s even heavier than that! He actually has his own comic book line now called Boom Comics , and I’ve been reading one of their titles called Dominion. They actually call it Boom Studios, and with good reason. They’ve had a lot of their work bought by Movie and TV people. And in one case they’re going in reverse. If you can believe it Farscape is going to be made into a comic book. Mark went into a little more detail in this interview .

Dead TV shows are popping up all over the place in comic books and it’s a GOOD IDEA. The reason is that characters never have to die! And even better than that, they can be in their prime. I’ve seen some covers of Star Trek comics and Kirk looks great (as a drawn character). And shows like Buffy or Farscape or Serenity; shows with huge fan bases, but not enough for the studious to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, get to enjoy stories about characters they like. And it gives the studios a reason to do a double take. Maybe they can do a low budget movie here or maybe do a TV special there. All this stuff is happening now. It’s really great.

In other weird news; the Black Panther is coming to TV. BET to be precise. This is no accident. Reginald Hudlin, the Harvard educated, half white-half black, film director became head of BET a few years ago. Oh, and he also started writing the Black Panther comic book for Marvel. So a foresightful person might have seen this coming. Variety announced the news, and most people are hopeful but a little…worried. But my feeling is, like the idea of a black president, this is a rare time in history-so what the hell give it a shot.