Heidi Instigates, and Relapses but Tom Cries and Fights on Dr Drew’s VH1 Sober House

Wow. I mean Jesus. Wow. I keep trying to give these VH1 drug shows but I can’t! And THIS series is RAW. I gotta say I’ve seen all these celebrity things the network put out in the last couple of years, but this one? This one? It’s by FAR the least “show like.” Many times with all these shows you get the feeling the producers add “stuff” to the mix to get some drama. Obviously with Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore the show pretty much set itself up to be some kind of televised hell. But even Mike Starr and Seth Binzer, Dennis Rodman, Kendra Jade and Jen are adding to the hellish aspect.  To put it briefly; it is the least “fun” of all. Flat out. It’s the first one like this, it really is a bleak series.

Let’s  take a look back though. As you know, these Sober House shows roll out of the Celebrity Rehab shows. I use the word “roll” because near the end of Celebrity Rehab Heidi rolled her car. Remember that? Here’s a reminder…

So let’s me first admit I USUALLY capture images digitally but I’m doing taxes today  (April 15th) so I went OLD SCHOOL and just an actual camera and took pictures of the TV. Ok that’s covered, so let’s get back to Heidi. There are about 2 main issues on the show. Tonight Jennifer the house manager got into a big thing with Mike, 2 weeks ago Mike got into his thing with Tom. So Jen got the sit-down from Dr. Drew. But I bring that up because it speaks to the nature of the flip flop nature of all of them. Some days they’re SOOooo apologetic and “angels” and then within minutes they’re evil and saying every nasty thing they can think of.

I’ll add a few more words and pictures…. Or YOU could leave some comments until I start writing again.