The David Rosenthal Blog Traffic Tactics!

Most of this stuff you should know, but it’s the stuff I do. And since you’ve stuck with me this long you might as well hear my ideas on this too. OK, so regular readers may have noticed a slight “lag” in my posting these last few days. Well my internet connection problems are half the reason, but the other half was me doing a giant article submission. I don’t use a service yet because the one I like cost $400, so the software I use to make cash while online costs about ONE TENTH that price. But it is a Total Bastard to train! Basically you have to create a profile at all 600 article directories and I recently decided to change myself from “Dave Rosenthal” to “David Rosenthal” in terms of SEO for this blog. I’m still good ol’ Dave of course, but article submissions is one of those things you hear recommended all the time to build traffic , and it’s true. So we might as well talk about why it’s the most effective method .

Here’s what happened to me; Late last year I was taking pieces I wrote over here and putting them on EzineArticles. I didn’t know you were supposed to really alter them or write brand new stuff (and no problems came of it, I’m just telling YOU so you know ahead of time). But my signature was “Dave Rosenthal.” And after a while, because my articles really weren’t keyword focused, I noticed they DID start showing up on the 1st or 2nd page of Google but, mostly for my name . And that’s when it hit me; the only consistent things in my articles was “Welcome Back Rosenthal,” for which there was zero competition, and “Dave Rosenthal” for which there was a LOT of competition. And pretty soon my name made it to page one, position 8. And that’s where I’m at. My articles submissions had pulled my name out of the deep end of the searches. And that kind of proof is good enough for me about article power. So now anybody looking for me like an old friend (or enemy!) will be able to find me. But I’m on page 3 for “David Rosenthal,” so my new goal is to get on page one for that. But it occurred to me, THAT’S what people meant by articles being useful for getting to the top . Using a keyword(s) in the articles themselves, in the “author box” or, if permitted, all those place will give you lots of one way links to your site. Now that you know the idea, please go research it.

Social Networks

This is not any kind of new big and hairy information right? Social media sites are your “go to” place for READING traffic. Remember, I make a VERY big distinction between reading blogs and money blogs. You can use social networking for money too but MY preference for my money blogs is search engine traffic. Having said that, you’ve got to learn about the top 10-20 social media sites. You don’t need to be using all those I’d say pick at least 6 or 7 social media sites and register. But getting your username and logo/photo out there is important.

Here’s the thing; I’ve used Digg and Stumble to submit my stuff. But what I’ve learned is that the kind of stuff I write, well thought out, long pieces, don’t do well at Digg. Short, list filled, 20 second, glance-pieces do better. But each network has a “flavor.” Stumble tends to be quick visits too but those visitors will stick for reader specific topics. And I do still get traffic form stories Dugg a long time ago. I also use MySpace some, but it’s tough to pull people off that site. MySpace does that on purpose, but it is possible. I built up and maintain 1000 friends and I keep it at that level because just like Facebook the people who I see making money start groups WITHIN the site. Yeah, basically since you can’t bring a horse to water, you just gotta take the water to the horses.

So I strongly encourage sites like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, and BlogCarnival. The first two allow you to make “friends” so do as many as their systems allow (15 per day and unlimited). I just heard about that strategy about a 2 months ago, and as you can see I haven’t really implemented it. But I DO contribute to BlogCarnival and get some traffic from there.


Entrecard is great for a new bloggers. You will learn a lot and you can get general traffic and even targeting traffic if you take the time to focus what you’re doing. And I’ve said it before, but targeted traffic is much better than general traffic. And this brings us to MY theories about understanding Entrecard. Plain and simple it will boost your numbers. I see some of the most awful and poorly visited blogs in the world within the Entrecard system, BUT they have fantastic Alexa numbers, lots of comments, AND some of them are making a few bucks without a lot of knowledge. That’s how good the EC system is. There are lot of great blogs too! But the point I’m making is that participating in this system puts you in a good position to build traffic, build links and make friends. IF you understand what it is and how to maximize from it.

So to reiterate Entrecard is a nice place for “traffic,” and as it stands I would estimate maybe 10-20 percent will actually read stuff. The other 80-90 percent will just drop and leave. I have proof. See my blog is set up on the homepage to just list stories, to see ANY post you have to click a link and go to a story, so I made a VERY easy drop box up top. So if that’s what a person is here for they can get in and out-boom. But if they read I know it, because my stats will show me that they clicked a link.

But this is OK! You’re getting your numbers up-and if you believe my Alexa theory-it’s good to have “general traffic.” But EC people WILL visit your blog if they’re just out exploring, and that happens quite a bit. I even do it myself and I have NO time to waste. You can also generate a lot of reading visitors by commenting-but this is standard practice for blog traffic anyway. However, the extra bonus is that you belong to a “club” so people have a more compelling reason to visit. And the third sort of reason they’ll come is your “advert;” so again, the accuracy of your traffic is determined by what message you put out there. Plus these last few weeks have seen a few technical glitches but that’s because they’re adding lots of new and very smart features. Like the “add a blog” tool which allows you to link multiple blogs, they also put out and instructional E-book . And again for new bloggers, and even more experienced, it is a great way to see hundreds and hundreds of blogs and how they do things. Many of them are just playing follow the leader, but there is some very innovative stuff out there.

Ping baby! I’ve got a long list of ping sites in my WordPress installation, but if you use Feeburner, they have a bunch you can check off too. AND you can go to Blogflux and use their tool. I do that after every post.

Tags are CRUCIAL. Sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon and Technorati thrive on the tags. And you can even build your story ideas off BIG tags in the cloud at those sites too. I learned about this too by accident, when I started using the Simple Tagging plugin and found traffic JUST from the tags from various sites. Speaking of that, if you’re a WordPress user additional good traffic plugins are; All in One SEO, Do-Follow, Link Luv (that I’m trying to get set up) and Yet Another Related Post.

LASTLY, JTPratt showed an incredible spin on an old standard. You know you should have a signature in your emails and especially in your forum posts right? Well he shows how your sig on forums should be specific wording like “My blog talks about this interesting topic.” That’s not what you should write but how you should word your sig in an interesting way instead of “” And if that wasn’t good enough, you can even think about using specific post instead of homepage!

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Weirdest MySpace Comment I’ve Ever Gotten

So I almost don’t even need to say anything. In fact let’s get this out of the way first; please look below and you can see . OK, you’ve had a look? What do you think? It was sent for me by a nice woman; funny and smart. All that good stuff, but that picture…Well let’s just put this into context. I’m a 40 year old black guy into movies, so I joined MySpace around the same time I started doing this blog-about 6 months ago. Really for the purpose of connecting with other filmmakers or wannabe/hope-to-bes like me. And the blog was just this idea of kinda documenting this process. And the Myspace thing was just because I kept hearing about social networks and social networking and how it wasn’t like blogging and that I simply had to get into it. So the blog ended up going in one direction. And my MySpace thing kind of took on a different kind of direction; from a social networking personal challenge I set up for myself to see how fast I could make it to 1000 friends, to dating.

Here’s the deal if I were a woman , and if I were on iVillage and if she were on iVillage, and we exchanged this picture it really wouldn’t be such a bad thing. The picture, in and of itself, is innocent enough. Or it USED to be innocent . But Google just this week released their new mandate about sexualized youth. And I don’t even want write the words , because I don’t want those keywords in my blog. So these kinds of fun pictures aren’t really cool anymore. And especially as MySpace comments. Not today. And not sent to ME, as a guy heading towards middle-aged, single and BLACK. I mean Jesus! This is just not the way to go.

So I wrote to her and thanked her for checking in with me, but informed her that, that picture had be deleted from my MySpace profile. I mean, over here, at MY blog, with MY context, I can display it. Not that I’m 100 percent comfortable about it now. But it’s a great example of where our culture is going. The internet has made these types of images a strange place and social networking has made us ALL strange because without that face to face interaction, we can’t really gauge the personality, humor, and taste of people like we used to. But this is how things are now.