Lost is a Lost Cause

So tonight was the big night. They finally rolled out a new episode like the most precious of fine wines in the tiniest little glass, or the most expensive meal on the biggest plate with the smallest portion possible smack-dab in the middle of the plate. You know, I thought the new episode was coming on last night. I looked at my online TV guide and it said TWO new episodes last night. But instead there were 2 hours worth of recap. And they had the nerve to have subtitles. So the show is in English, they have a narrator AND they have subtitles. How stupid do they think we are? And then tonight’s TV guide said 2 hours of new episodes and guess what? A THIRD hour of recap. And THEN they finally showed us the new hour-long episode.


So what is the problem with the show? I mean I’ll be honest with you; I LIKE the show. But it’s not a good TV series because it’s unsatisfying more than it’s satisfying. Once the series ends it will make a great show to watch on DVD. Because that’s the way I watch it. I get a bunch of episodes and watch the show at my own speed. I might do 2, 3 or even 4 episodes in a row until I find at good spot to end. Because if I let THEM pick a good ending spot (i.e., one episode a week) it’s crap!

So if you saw the review I wrote about the new movie Cloverfield (it’ll be available once I get the blog back up) you’ll see Lost suffers from the same problem. (You guys do know that the writer and producer are part of both projects right? And now they’ve got their hands on the new Star Trek XI movie.) This constant ambiguity, this hinting at shit without meaningful resolution is a just a hook. In fact it’s all hook and no fish. Lost characters die and/or disappear, and pop back up, and switch sides, and go from bad guy to good guy to bad guy. Fluidity is nice, but too much fluid and your stew goes to soup, even more fluid and you’ve got a broth, and even MORE fluid and its just water. They keep opening doors without closing enough. The way this is done correctly is Prison Break.

This lack of meaningful resolution just makes you that much more aware that it’s a gimmick. It’s a like, “how much can we screw with these people?” Or more accurately “what do we have to do to get people to keep coming back to watch commercials?” It stops feeling organic and more like a show specifically engineers to keep people watching. Again, let me repeat. I like the show. The writing is great, the characters are great, the premise is great. All of that stuff is good. But that element of contrived viewer manipulation turns me off. Makes me watch the series at my own pace. So it’ll make a better DVD collction. There is some good news, brian k vaughn has been brought on as a writer and he is INSANELY talented as a comic book writer.

And speaking of comic books here’s a little piece of fun. In the new Captain America comic book this week there was this very interesting panel.