The Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network is Batman–centric but Accurate

So a couple of new super hero cartoons have come out recently (actually a few, but we’re gonna stick to traditional Marvel and DC). Like the Wolverine and the X-Men and of course the Brave and the Bold. The B and the B is actually a long standing comic book series which comes and goes in the DC universe which seem to depend on how many original ideas they can come up with and whether or not their main titles are selling. See, I didn’t grow up reading DC, except for the occasional Flash, I read Marvel. And Marvel also has this idea of pairing heroes in a series they call Marvel Team Ups. In fact like Xerox become synonymous with making copies the term “team up” is pretty much the phrase you use when talking about, well, a team up. But DC called their team up series the Brave and the Bold. Got it?


So with this new TV series their doing team ups-except only with Batman. In the comic books it can be anybody. I mean it tends to feature Batman a lot, but it can be Supergirl and Green Lantern or just whoever they feel like pairing. Team ups are fun. Because it mixes heroes with different people, and it’s not a heavy thing like the Justice League or the Avengers involving a whole bunch of people, just a couple of heroes trying to work together when normally they might not ever speak to each other for months or years.

This new animated series (cartoon!) is a weird mix of old and new. What do I mean? Well they’ve got Batman with the yellow chest emblem. And the black bat on a yellow oval tends to refer to the more “friendly” Batman that you might see hanging out with Robin. As opposed the black bat with no yellow-no, that Batman is the haunted, bitter, tormented, driven, solitary “Dark Knight.” And in a weird twist-or rather a new trend I’m seeing a lot of-a comic book based onthe cartoon is now coming out. It’s a little snake-eatin-it’s-own-tail.


Its fun. They’re are jokes and light mood, I mean they’ve got Diedrich Bader from the Drew Carey show as the voice, but the show’s not necessarily child skewed. It’s not as dark as Justice League would sometimes; I would say it’s about on the level of the original Ben 10 show. And all kinds of characters are showing up. Recently they had Jaime as the Blue Beetle so you really feel like the show is up to date.


We’ve also seen Etrigan and Morgaine Le Fey.