The New Indiana Jones Movie is Just the Tip of the Iceberg Spring 2008

So they recently released the new Indiana Jones movie trailer over at and it looks good. Harrison looks ok, and the stuff they’re running from looks kooky as usual. They’re clearly trying to pass the torch in this film to up and coming Transformer star Shia LaBeouf. So, there’s that. But really I’m looking forward to a lot of fun looking movies coming out between March and June. Like these…


Well it had to happen. Jackie Chan and Jet Li (and a white guy). I still think of Jet as “new” but really he came along only about 5 years after Jackie, but he caught on slower in Hong Kong, I think partly due to the fact that he was from mainland China and not HK like Jackie. But for all of us long time fans who were POSITIVE that once American viewers saw him they would be just as enamored as we were the first time we saw him-I have to admit now we were wrong. Because he still hasn’t really taken off here. He and Chow Yun Fat finally came to the states and there was a little buzz, but they never really found the kind of Star Making Movies that would have showcased how great they are. So now we have Jet in a Marvel Team Up with Jackie. C’est Le Vie! Now the FUNNY part about this movie is watching the two of them struggle through an ENTIRE movie with their weak English.

Speaking of fight movies, something that caught me eye that I would NORMALLY assume to be horrible actually looks kind of interesting. It’s called Redbelt. The first smart thing they did was get Tim Allen to play a hard, non-comedic role. I’ve always said that having comedians, whose moment in the sun has passed, should move to drama. Lot of people don’t realize that comedians see some of the most rugged and nasty parts of life; but they tell jokes and people associate them with “happy guys” but mostly they’re not letting you in on the darkness they’ve either seen or experienced. The first time I saw this was in a movie from the 50’s with Don Rickles playing a dance hall pimp and threatening to poke some woman’s eye’s out with a pair of scissors (The Rabbit Trap). And Tim looks great playing hard. The NEXT smart thing they did was to actually put a UFC guy, Randy Couture, in the movie in an actual acting role and HE looks great. What you would expect is to see him doing a lot of fight scenes in this fight movie, but most of the trailer has him in a suit looking as thoughtful as he actually is in real life.


M. Night Shyamalan is BACK baby! Now I like his movies. Unfortunely each movie he’s done since the Sixth Sense has been less and less popular, but for his new movie The Happening, he went out and got Marky Mark. But he always gets big stars. And the trailer only mentions the Sixth Sense and NOT Lady in the Water or The Village as his past films. The Happening looks like one of these Cloverfield type movies with a hard to define unseen thing attacking people. I don’t really care for that kind of plot but I DO enjoy M’s storytelling and I LOVE the color in his films. He tends to lean toward blues and greens, so it has a real tactile look.


Speaking of Cloverfield, I recently wrote about how UNimpressed I was with that movie and the producer is famous for Lost and….he’s the director of the new Star Trek movie. No comment on this issue. Just a wait and see kind of feeling.


Let’s switch to some funny stuff like the new Get Smart movie, which has got the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in it-who we can ALSO look forward to playing the role of Black Adam in the new Shazam movie!!!! Plus Hiro from Heroes is in the movie. I’m a big Get Smart fan, and recently compared Maxwell Smart to president Bush in a side by side that I think is pretty accurate! Getting Steve Carell was a good idea. He’s funny in a very dry way, but can switch to “wacky” at the drop of a hat. So that one looks good and Apple just got a new movie trailer for it.


I had a talk with a friend about Iron Man and I explained to her that Robert Downey Jr. is EXACTLY perfect to play Tony Stark. And he knows it. Stark and Downey were both dubbed Wunderkinds early in life and then spent years doing drink and/or drugs and then additional years trying to regain the publics trust-so that’s a match made in Heaven. They’re also Superhero Movie. Plus they’re working on a new Iron Fist movie, with the guy who played Toad in the X-men movies, Ray Park, who most folks don’t recognize as the red and black faced Darth Maul. And, for those of you who don’t know Nicolas Cage loves comic books, he played Ghost Rider, but he took HIS ACTUAL NAME from Iron Fist’s black partner, Luke Cage (in the 70’s he was mostly known for having a giant chain for a belt, a rock solid Afro, and brightest open-to-the-navel yellow disco shirt. Soon to be realized is a Spider Man spoof with the plainly titled “Superhero Movie “ this seems to be the new spoof movie trend; to have a generic title of the genre they’re spoofing i.e., Scary Movie, Epic Movie, etc.,


And you might have also noticed that Adam Corolla movie in the picture above. Love Adam, and looking forward to the movie but it doesn’t look too great…but it’ll be weird to watch since it’s basically a take-off on his real life as a carpenter and boxer “re-imagined” for film. Gonna be a good season for movies.