The New Knight Rider Show Has Some Strong Elements

So I just finished watching the new Knight Rider show and I think It’s got a lot of the pieces a successful network TV show needs. Let’s look at some of the facts


A revamp of a hit show that had a cool car/cutting edge technology

The cocky male lead like the original AND the collection of hot “chicks” that all current shows must have

The standard issue multi-ethnic supporting cast, the rarely seen (because people are too scared) ethnic people AS the bad guys

Speaking of cast I think I’m hearing Val Kilmer (!) as the voice of KITT, a woman who looks like the cute girl from Prison Break, but is actually from the Young and the Restless (Deanna Russo) and I’m pretty sure Sidney Poitier’s daughter (Sydney) as a (lesbian?) cop, the white haired bad guy from the X-Men movies (Bruce Davison)


I saw Glen Larson and Doug Liman in the opening credits. Glen of course is the Battlestar guy (so now he’s had TWO shows he created in the 70’s and 80’s get a second life) and Doug is of course behind all those Bourne movies (Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum) and of course he directed a small movie you might have heard of that opened this past weekend called JUMPER! In fact, even though the Knight Rider crew kinda looks like that other NBC show “Chuck,” the plot is VERY similar to Jumper; guy rediscovers girl he knew as a youngster, who he thought was “better” than him-it’s sort of EXACTLY the same plot, but other than me who’s gonna notice that kind kinda stuff…

Mustang! God Damn! Man, I love that car-and have since the 2005 debut. But for the show they’ve got the limited run Shelby GT’s and here’s the best part-the car does some Terminator/liquid-metal-man type color changes and bullet proof stuff (yet another show with nanobots!). AND they’re having a contest where you can win the Shelby or, are you ready, a Ford Fusion! Hurry up, you’ve got until 10:59 PM Monday the 18th. UPDATE***If you’re reading this now, that contest is over BUT they are going to re-run the show this Sat the 23rd. And if you’re reading this after the 23rd you should probably stop by this TVGuide Knight Rider link to see if the series is going to get picked up-but it’s pretty much a “yes” at this point.

Speaking of points; the only weak point for me in the show is that I’m kinda tired of these “teaching robots to be human” scenarios. That new Terminator show is doing it too AND they also had Davison (see above) on the show playing the crazy psychiatrist. But at least we get The Hoff back! And he even looks like he’s given up eating sloppy burgers on the floor.