The Venture Brothers Finally Made it Back to TV June 1 2008. SHHhhhh! Also Online Tonight

Wow! Well that only took like a Goddamn year! I mean Jesus, work with us out here. It’s been like a year since they killed off the venture brothers. So the big question is; how do you make a comeback when they main characters are dead?

    (see comments below regarding this error!)


Well the trick is that you go emphasize some other characters other than Hank and Dean. I’m not going to give away the story line, but I DID watch it online tonight instead of waiting all the way to Sunday night. Speaking of that, this week on is ROCKIN! They’ve got new Dethklok, new Assy McGee, new Squidbillies, and of course the new season of Venture Brothers. Is it a shame or shameful that these shows give me such joy. I can honestly say these shows are 4 of the highpoints of the entire MONTH for me. Really sad I’m sure on some level but they’re so good !

Even the Wikipedia entry for the Ventures, compared to last year is WAY long and complete now. So people are catching on; in a way they absolutely did NOT for the Tick cartoon or Tick live action show (both former projects the VB creator “Jackson Publick” worked on). One has to assume it’s the reason we see Patrick Warburton in all 3 projects. And he’s perfect. It took me a VERY long time to enjoy the Family Guy (also a Warburton outlet), and I can see the humor in it-but I used to tell my niece (who enjoys the show) it was the perfect example of hack comedy. Every single humor model used in that show is a safe, tried and true, beat to death format. So it’s “easy” humor. Doesn’t take any deep thinking-just throw the pig in the grinder and churn out the sausage. You can go like that indefinitely, and it IS funny. But I think the Simpsons is more innovative. I do! Even though it’s an older show I think what they did and STILL do is expand boundaries of both animation and humor. The Family Guy is an experiment in “how much can we get away with on network TV.” They’re “outlandish,” but I can’t feel the sense of innovation.

Conversely, The Venture Brothers are new. Even though they’ve gone WAY back to a Johnny Quest/Hardy Boys model. I mean, look at Sealab 2020; they went WAY back to the 70’s for a the art, and characters too; but what was coming out of those characters mouths was so far out it began to almost be surreal in the last season. So prepare yourselves. I mean even though they’ve already started on season four, prepare yourselves to enjoy this season and then wait a year for the next one. But enjoy, take it all in and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “The Venture Brothers Finally Made it Back to TV June 1 2008. SHHhhhh! Also Online Tonight

  1. I am confused, you say the year long wait after killing of the main characters is one that is tough to comeback to.

    They died in the finale of Season 1, the new Season is Season 3, it seems you skipped a Season somewhere

  2. Yeah, you’re right. After a couple of hours I realized those 50 words I wrote about season 1/2 were wrong. But last season was kind of all over the place, GREAT, but the themes were so spread out AND it was so long ago I that I’d made a mess of it in my head.

    But that’s the danger of waiting that long, people’s memories get “rusty.”

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