This Blog Got Mentioned on WFMU by Bronwyn C. See? There is Something Good in Jersey

OK get all the New Jersey jokes out of your system because I don’t wanna hear ‘em. I was on the radio. Besides, in this age of internet radio whatta you care where the station is? That’s me trying to use some lingo there. Chicago (where I am) and pretty much the whole state of Jersey (where the Bronwyn does her radio show from) are both famous for having “dees, dat and dem” mob guys walking around. But both are exaggerations. In fact; mafia? What mafia? There’s no such thing. But yeah, a couple of days ago she gave the blog an endorsement and if I’ve done this correctly this post SHOULD have an audio clip. It’s only about a minute long so give it a listen.

But media relations can manifest in totally different ways. In a couple of days I’m going to write a piece about a new blogger who visits this blog for tips and who I exchange emails with. That guy has had great success with his local papers and political community and even been invited to become part of the process. And a couple of months ago John Chow got 2 back to back write ups in some local newspapers. So I left a comment over there telling him that MY experience in showbiz told me he should expect a slow progression like this; some more newspaper stories, then magazine and local TV news and by the end of the year there was a very good chance he’d have some kind of TV show. Know what happened? Within DAYS he was doing TV news. Then soon after HE bought his own camera and started filming his local get together with friends and posting them on the blog. And then he started getting sponsors. BIG ones, like Microsoft. Now, I’m not suggesting I caused this to happen (still….) but this is how media works. And Chow has now created his own show, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t end up on some “tech” channel. See, despite how “big” the internet is to us, it’s still the low man on the totem pole of ALL media . And upper media tends to poach from lower media and that’s bad if you’re trying to hide something but GREAT if you’re trying to ride the wave .

Now in my case and the mention on WFMU; I listen to a lot of radio, and that station in particular is one of my top 5. The New York area, like LA, is one of the places I lived and will probably live again before it’s all said and done. And , incidentally, the reason I’m “Welcome Back Rosenthal.” I’m always leaving places but eventually making my way back to them. Bronwyn C. has a show that’s interesting and I thought I had a piece that would really fit into her show well, so I sent it to her. And voila! One of the keys to success, in every field, is to help people get what they want . Contribute to what others are trying to achieve and you might be surprised at how well it works out for YOU. It’s not about being calculating, it’s about making an honest reach outward to enhance something you already enjoy. Dale Carnegie 101. So blogging for bloggers is cool, but it’s not the whole world. Branch out a little and see what happens.

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  1. That the way it goes doesn’t it? Gotta do something to help someone then ride that wave while it lasts. And those that are intelligent enough save up those funds produced to continue that ride. I’ve been in the show biz for awhile and I sure as hell know how things work. Words are exchanged, hands are shaken to ‘assure’ something is going down. But it takes awhile before anything actually gets done. Those of us that are fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time end up inside the room. The rest of us still have to keep putting our foot in the door.

  2. Well there’s a lot to be said for “taking control of your destiny.” My 20 years in the industry resulting in me coming back to Chicago with NOTHING to show for all my time. C’est la vie.

    So I decided to buy and renovate houses and made an income from that. I made a blog and made an income from that. I’m making my own movie. The point being, I’m not any more proactive than I was before, but I focus it on factors that I can control and my destiny is less dependant on outside forces.

    I also give as much to others just as much as I always have, but now with less outside factors I’m in a better position to any receive any reciprocated good will.

  3. My Grandmother recently got worried that my friends were using me because I’m always trying to help them get in on this MMO thing until she read a horroscope that said “although I’m selflessly helping others it will pay off greatly in the future”

  4. Hi Sheila!
    Thanks for kindness, and I’m very glad to hear things have stabilized. And yeah “adding value” is sort of the buzz word we hear in business, but it has to start from a human place.

    And hello The Oracle-helping others into this field might feel like a challenge now, but the recession is set to get serious in the next 6 months. I suggest you have a bunch of fold out seats ready!

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