Today I Will Make You Rich. I will Help You Make Money Online Part 2

So in the title of today’s post is the good news. I am going to spend several hours combining a bunch of fragments, ideas, half post, images and whatever else it takes to make one giant post. I probably WILL break it up later and maybe even eBook it, but since some of you have waited patiently, you get it all! Then I should only need about 2 more post for follow-up and reference links. So if you’re coming here to skim-just leave my fucking blog now. This is NOT the day to halfway pay attention; this is the day before the test, so get your notebooks out. I’m going to give you what I know, and I think I’m right. YOU think about what I’m saying and YOU ask yourself if it FEELS right. Does it coincide with what you’ve seen on the internet, what you’ve tried, and just plain old makes sense. My logic and conclusions both have been reached from my personal research and experimenting. I visiting THOUSANDS of websites and blogs, watched lots of videos, stole lots of software, bought SOME software, tried all that shit to see what was real and what was false. And the results boiled down to what I’m going to tell you right this second. You can actually avoid reading the rest of this article. Learn about keywords . That’s it. If you’ve ever read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy then maybe you know the big joke of that Sci-Fi book series is that the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is “42.” But the entire planet Earth was created to figure out what’s the question . Because now that I’ve told you the answer you probably want to stick around to figure out what’s the question.

In case you’ve WRONGFULLY skipped reading every part of this series and are just showing up for the “good part” let me recap a few things. My belief at this point is that personal blogs are not the greatest way to make money online . Instead blogs or websites with blog-like qualities built around highly profitable keywords ARE the key to successful income streams. A personal blog CAN overlap with a money blog. And a personal blog can make some money but there will be an income ceiling that will be very hard to get beyond. In addition to that if you’re not a name brand well known blogger that hill is even steeper to climb . So the question is; am I rich from online income? No, but there’s 99% chance I’m in a better position than most people trying to do this (not the people who ARE, but the people trying). And here’s the deal, my car is packed, everybody has gone to the bathroom, the sandwiches are made and the cooler has ice in it. In other words it’s 5 AM and my vacation mobile is ready to pull out. To follow this analogy throw, most people don’t even know yet WHERE they’re going yet for their “money vacation.” I know EXACTLY what I need to do to keep making money.

A Real World Example

This month was a big month for me in Real Estate. I made about $100,000 in tax free money. I bought a house 2 years ago in the month of May. Do you know what happens to a property you occupy for 2 years? Any capital gains (profit) you make is yours to keep. The law used to say you only got to keep the money if you used it to buy your next house. Not anymore. Just sit in it. And people were asking me about selling my house with the recession looming. I told them. I’ll be fine. No matter what I sell the house for will be a profit. Because I bought it right . It was GREATLY undervalued and boarded up when I got it. The DAY I moved in Zillow showed a $15,000 increase in its value just being LIVED IN and not vacant. And of course all the renovations-in a market where the new construction homes that are of the same quality as mine are priced $100,000 more and the old houses priced in my range are other board-ups my place looks like a great fuckin’ deal!

So I tell you this story about preparation to explain the benefits of preparing a money blog . I made THIS blog based on 5-7 topics I wanted to talk about. Things that I have a lot of interests in and can talk about daily without it being a strain. But the truth is, it’s too many topics for making money. That’s what I learned. The Adsense wouldn’t act right, and the traffic is all over the map. Here’s the thing about traffic; even if you make a blog about ONE topic you’ll get a lot of strays there by accident, or bad typing, or people confused about one of your post titles. So what do you think is going to happen if you have topics all over the map? Let me ask you some other questions; what do when you visit Google? Or Netflix? Or your online bank account? You go to those places to do ONE thing. Got the picture? Focus. Focus. And more focus. IF you want money. If you want to express yourself have ANOTHER blog. In a couple of months I’ll start making a movie; you think I’m going to talk about that here? Nope. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. And we’ll start with the bad news that will probably make at LEAST one of my internet friends a little upset. But the truth is what it is-it knows no good, it knows no bad, it just is.

2. PPP and Text Link Ads. The Sin of Omission

“Hey buddy, want a free ticket on a boat ride? The name of the ship? The Titanic, why’d ya ask?” How you make your money is not my concern , but let me tell you why I couldn’t get involved promoting these services. Paid blogging. PPP without no-follow is Google conflict. Did you know this? You must play nice with Google YOU must play nice with Google. Do whatever they tell you to do. You (and I) are not a famous bloggers, YOU (and I) can’t make it without them, not in the long term and not if you want to go further than 1000 people a day. And I don’t have a problem with doing paid post, I might even do it myself. I’ll even help you! Here’s a list I can think of right now: and (the new that’s supposed to have no-follow).

Now let’s be honest I WANT to use the link service TNA and up until April 30 I DID use TL A. But in early I April I finally did enough reading that made it clear that TLA hasn’t officially been Google smacked but it was too risky. I had 3 links running and then I had 2 and at the end of the month I took out the code. It was few dollars, but for those of you who don’t understand how paid links or paid post work let me explain . Google uses the number (and quality) of incoming links to a site to determine is “acclaimed” PR score. So when you sell a post or a link on your site, even if all you have is a PR1, you’re giving some site more clout. Now let’s look at the paid thing. Lets say you’re a bike company showing on page 7 of Google. You pay PPP 50,000 to hire 500 to a 1000 bloggers with PR2 and higher to do a “review” or your site. You don’t give a fuck if it’s positive or negative-it’s irrelevant. But if you’re lucky and get a higher percentage of positive that’s icing on the cake. What you REALLY want is 500 to 1000 new permanent links to your site. Now you show up on page 1 and you make millions . That 50 grand means nothing in the long run.

But you have made an enemy of Google . Everybody participating; the PPP company, the bloggers, and the site paying for the links. Everybody pays. It’s Google’s ball, court, gym shoes, socks, drawers-every Goddamn thing! So we have to play by their rules. That’s it. And if you can live without them, that’s great. It IS possible to do stuff on the internet without them. Email marketers live a great life. Nobody is contesting that. BUT. If you’re running a PPP ad or a TLA ad on your blog and you KNOW about the Google penalty while advising people to join up-that’s a choice I couldn’t live with. By getting new people into a system that they don’t know will stunt their progress you’re a participant. That’s just a fact. Do you know what old nasty convicts do to the new inmates who don’t know any better? Have you ever met anybody this has happened to? Is this the same as that? No. Not in a million years, but the take advantage attitude is not dissimilar .


Who exactly are you listening to? Are you reading a bunch of bloggers in the Entrecard circle or are you out there learning? Some of the EC people know their shit. Some don’t. But I’ll tell you what I hear a LOT of (or rather what I read a lot of) “I don’t know if this’ll work, because I’m still not making any money, so I’m gonna try this” I read that shit on 75 percent of the blogs I read. “I’m gonna try this” I see that so much it’s a fucking joke. How are people not using Google to do some searches to dig up what REALLY works. I don’t get it. I just kept Googling and pretty soon figure out what had value and what didn’t. You’re reading my stuff today right? And it sounds VERY different form the people putting up stuff that doesn’t work doesn’t it? That’s the SECRET. The real secret to making money online is YOU becoming a better judge of who to listen to. I should not have to tell you who any of these people are if you’re talking about making money online: Rowse, Shoemoney, Mehta, Kawasaki, Starak, Beard, Armstrong (and you REALLY should know her I just wrote about her) Comm and Conn, Chow and Cow. And even ridiculous like Hilton, or whiz kids like Qualls and Vaynerchuk (and of course when I use that expression I don’t mean they’re really good pissers). Do these names sound like some kind of spacey law firm or do you know the methodology they all advocate about money. If you don’t know the top 10-20 money making people you need to ask yourself what you’re doing. IF, you’re out here talking about making money online. Whether or not you BELIEVE and follow the advice of those 10-20 is a different story , but you should know who they are and how they got paid. Does this seem like a bizarre concept or like the right thing?


When I realized I wasn’t making any money I decided to figure it out. Period. No fucking around. I’m not that kind of guy. Read my About Me page, I have failed at TOOO much shit in my life. WAAY too much. And I do not waste time anymore. People come to me when they want shit resolved. That’s it. I resolve shit. One or another. And on March 1 I asked my mother to watch over things for me. I was going DEEP into the internet and I was going to FIND some money.

(By the way let me stop the action here for a second. If you’ve read my blog, you may have notice I’ve mentioned my mom about 3-4 times in the last 6 months. Well I’m not Norman Bates! But I wasn’t in the same city with my mother for 20 SOLID years. I came back-and now we’re BOTH becoming old people. Last year she almost got killed in a car accident on her way to pick up my CHEATING ex-girlfriend, so I try spend time with my mother. I try to incorporate her into some of my activities and visit with her etc., because you don’t know. You just don’t know when somebody is going to go. Not just HER by the way, I’m an ass to people all the time and I don’t mind getting in fist fights on the street here in the ghetto of Chicago. And that can have a pretty shitty outcome-if you know what I’m saying).


Anyway as I got into my research I did what everybody said you were supposed to do. I “wrote good content.” How do I know it was good. Well are you enjoying this piece? I’m the same guy, I write the same way. So yeah, it was good stuff. I tried all kinds of stuff. Here’s what happened; everybody said get traffic and that means money. So I wrote and wrote and then went out and hustled ups some traffic, DUDE ! I got SHUT DOWN at the end of January/early February for too much traffic. My hosting company said I had spikes and they were not going to stand for that on a shared hosting. They didn’t actually SAY that by the way, 3ix just fucked me over, but I learned that’s what they do to you on shared hosting plans like most of you are on . You can have all this “bandwidth“ in the world (I had only used 19 percent when they shut down my site) but if you get too much too fast they shut you down. So at the end of the month I had a grand Adsense total of $2.89. And just to remind you February had 29 days this year. Want me to do that math for you? 10 cents a day. I figured maybe Google was doing the adding up and I would get my REAL number later. Nothing. That was it. And I said to myself; they lied. These websites and blogs lied to me . I GOT the traffic. So where’s my money?

You can BUY traffic, type into Google and you’ll see 10,000 visitors for about 10$ and up. I did this. And it’s bullshit traffic in terms of conversion. A certain percentage of Entrecard traffic is like this too. But unfocused traffic that isn’t specifically looking for your content is VIRTUALLY without value. It DOES have value if you’re just trying to have fat stats, or see if it’ll make your Alexa jump. Targeted traffic is golden. We’ll cover this in a few paragraphs.


Oh and by the way I was trying all that shit; Kontera, TLA, Amazon too-I’ve got all that rolling, but at this point it’s just part of my “don’t leave any money on the table” strategy. But after a couple weeks into my post Adsense failure I “went public” and basically joined a bunch of social network sites to see if I could find a solution. Maybe they knew something I didn’t? But I told me mother I noticed something weird. The bloggers were like peanut venders at a stadium and instead of selling stuff to the people in the seats they were selling peanuts to other venders! They were making money off each other’s desires instead of providing any REAL value and product to “customers.” Meanwhile there’re WAY more stadium fans than venders. WHY are they selling to other venders? I didn’t get that! I’m looking and looking and every other blogger is blogging about making money, and VERY few of the other bloggers are focused. Occasionally I’d find a guy like the fruit guy (or maybe it’s a lady). He’s (or she’s) in the Entrecard system and this man or woman is totally into fruit. And there a few other focused blogs out there, but otherwise most are not even as focused as my blog, where I at least tried to create clearly defined categories.

And listen, again, I don’t care how people make their money, but to ME-I’m not trying to make the CORE of my business being a parasite to other bloggers. I DO sell some junk (see below, or in the sidebar) but it’s the stuff I use and actually think you will make you actual money. But in my mind you need to be selling to customers not bloggers, there are more customers than bloggers. YES you can skim off the bloggers too if you’re just fuckign determined to do it, but all you’re doing is living in an Ouroboros (snake eating its own tail-thank you Red Dwarf!).

3. How I’ve Been Making Money While on the Internet, is The Same Way Everybody Else Has Been

Here are the 3 ways I’m making money online. It’s actually a very short “class.” Learn about keywords and strong SEO, apply this information to Adsense sites, eBay affiliate sites and affiliate sites . My success so far is in that same order that I just wrote them. But listen, I was DETERMINED to make Adsense work first because it had “defeated” me. And because Shoemoney had did it. Am I worried about telling you the “secret” and everybody flooding the market? No. First of all; nobody listens. And secondly , most people don’t follow through. And thirdly , 2 months ago before I “got it”, there were tons of people who came before me, and yet I stepped in and STILL see lots of opportunity. There’s room. And I’d much rather people were helping customers find what they want than “internet marketers” feeding off each other. BUT, you’ve still got to do your own research. It’s like me being in NY and emailing instruction for baking a cake and you’re in LA. So you’re first couple of “cakes” might end up being donated to the local homeless shelters, but your third cake’ll be fine.

Your learning process should be about keywords. My suggestion is to take all that time and energy you’re putting into making money off your personal blog and put it into those 3 areas, pick one of those methods I just mentioned and get good, then move to the other 2. Right now I’m doing 1, 2 and 3-but I’m at different stages with all three. I use this blog as a my place to generate 2-3$ a day an Adsense and a few other traditional blog money things, but I do NOT consider this the main money site . It’s my foundation site, for me personally.

Once you understand how to utilize profitable keywords and keyword strings you can interchange Adsense with eBay or with affiliate products. In other words if you know that the winning combination is soil, sunlight, seeds, and water you can GROW virtually anything . And keyword knowledge is what you need. That’s it. That is it. Your personal blog is your hobby, if you make some money on it fine. But if you want a career. If you want BIG money if you want to be able to survive and THRIVE as the economy collapses around you do this. Because your money comes from everywhere on the planet, not just America (or whatever country you happen to live in). There you go. That’s the big deal. But I’ll do a some detail just to get you thinning along the right lines. And chances are whatever you’re interested in is not even remotely related to one of the expensive keyword strings. It’s just abstract stuff. So I do not think it’s wise to gear your main blog toward this strategy. You can do a little light work, but not your serious work.

Take a look at the stats for this week. You can see 2 things. First you can see when I took off for a few days my traffic dropped about a hundred. Then you can see when one of my popular articles caught the attention of a lot of people. I have a story about a Half Tree Half Man guy-and it’s based on a TV program. Every time the program reaches a new part of the world I get a bump. I also followed the original piece with 2 follow-up pieces. I’m pretty much number one in Google for this topic.

And that’s another thing; which thing are you committed to? Making money blogging or making money online? I mean if it’s just an academic, theoretical question you’re trying to solve that’s one thing, but if your goal is to actually make money from the internet then know this; it might include using a blog, and it might not. A money site is a site built to make money. Because here is my strong opinions; traffic from search engines are more likely to be profitable than traffic from other blogs and social networks . It is VERY possible to monetize traffic from blogs and social networks, but you REALLY have to have a strong “fan base.” People have to believe in YOU. But traffic from search engines is a bunch of people LOOKING FOR SOMETHING and far easier to monetize. AND on top of that traffic from Google might be harder to make money from than MSN and Yahoo. Bloggers aren’t clicking on Adsense, Digg people aren’t clicking on Adsense, Stumble users aren’t clicking on Adsene and really Google people aren’t clicking on Adsense. Shit, I’m a Google user; I’ve got ad filters and shit! Hahaha! Seriously these are the MOST hip and savvy internet surfers out there. You want hillbillies! You want people who JUST got on the internet. People willing to see if an cleverly worded ad will send them where they want to go and MOST of time those ads DO take them to a place of more information. But all us jaded computer users figure we’ll find what we want better on our own. AND many of us are resentful about giving some blogger a “hand out” by clicking. But are you running a money blog or reading blog? You’ve got to decide. I even created a little scale to help me determine what I’m looking at when I visit blogs. I don’t know if it’ll catch on but I use it. It’s a 1 -5 scale Read Value vs Money Value. I guess you could call it “The Rosenthal Read Value vs Money Value Measure.” The GREEEAAT thing about being born with that name is that I can slap it on ANYTHING and it sounds better,

The Rosenthal index of lard usage to margarine purchasing

The Rosenthal Correlation of protruding navels to bulbous proboscis

The Rosenthal Factor of anal porn vs female squirting erotica


Everybody wants the key to Adsense. Well I’ll tell you again; it’s 2 things. Focus and Keyword selection. The reason most bloggers don’t do well with Adsense is because they have the wrong audience; You also need to understand Google WANTS you to make money. All you have to do is provide relevant, original content. Because the big secret is that they GIVE you all the tools , I’m pretty sure they just changed the Adwords Keyword Tool. I don’t remember it giving the money value of CPC last month, or maybe MY MIND DIDN’T LET ME SEE IT. But it’s there know. So you NEED to open an account at Google Adwords or you can use the tools and method I described here . Google wants you to make money, because THEY make money when you make money. But you NEED to do your research and find an Adsense Master. They’re out there. And at the end of this series I’ll include some links, BUT GET SEARCHING on your own now. But I do want you to get started. Try this tool just to give you some idea of how much Google wants you to succeed.

It’s right there showing you what is important to them. Learning how to understand which search terms are numerous and which ones advertisers pay a lot for is CRUCIAL to your online success. And if you’re trying to build a popular blog it’ll help too. I really hope you’ll get a copy of SEO Elite and start experimenting. It’ll help you in the short term AND the long term. There are free tools, about half a dozen, that will do the same thing but it’s a lot work trying to make them all work together. Once you start experimenting with keywords, you should build some Blogger blogs with your keywords. Just one page deals, if your words are good you should be making money. I use PPC to test these pages. The bloggers blogs aren’t good for long term because they’re paper thin and mostly Adsense blogs-they call these MFA’s (or Made For Adsense sites). For the most part REAL MFA sites have NO content, just all ads but YOU at least should have a page of content. Throw the PPC at it to see how good the Adsense is doing, after that you can stay PPC or go to organic traffic. If you go the PPC route you’ll be using arbitrage (spending less than you make). I was spending 5 to make 15, then 5 to make 20, then 4 to make 20, then 4 to make 25 , then 3 to make 25 then finally 3 to make 30. Let me say again DO NOT LEAVE THESE TEST PAGES UP.

I moved on to using HyperVRE , but I’m almost reluctant to advise it to you. Because you really need to understand what you’re doing to use a tool like that . It DOES work. But it works by building sites for you. See the problem with making pages without a lot of content but DO have a lot of ads is they get low scoring from Google. If you’re using Google search this is problem. Although not the case for for PPC. But you ALSO don’t want a TOS Adsense issue, so HyperVRE is good, but you might have to invest in a little PLR. Here we go, see this is what I mean! HyperVRE really requires learning about other stuff. I WILL at least talk about the “duplicate content” issue. When I heard about this penalty I was convinced it meant you might have your Adsense account closed or something else. But what it really means is that you wont be findable. Take a look at this.

I have about 30 articles over at EzineArticles, and after the 2nd page or so, all the sites that have that article stop showing up in the results because Google figures you’ve already seen it enough . De-indexed. And when you’re building sites FOR Adsense, if you don’t want to use PPC, you need to be able to rank high in the Search Engines. Again, even though Google users on the whole are more savvy, Google SEEKERS will click on ads if it’s relevant to what they’re seeking. But those test pages I talked about earlier will tell you a lot about the value of the keywords for Adsense and give you a good idea about the eBay potential Click Through Rate (CTR).


As I said what you learn about Adsense translates very well to selling stuff on eBay. Please read the section below where I talk about BANS. I’m getting a little WOOZY writing all this so you’ll learn more by going to their site. In fact I’ll put a BANS link right here . But I used to use a different eBay affiliate software. Take a look at this page . Here I was running Adsense, but the kids who came didn’t like the text Adsense, so I put a little phpBay code in there and it made a big difference. BANS works as a stand alone 30 minute eBay building site. phpBay works basically as a WordPress plugin , so BOTH are recommended because you can do VERY different things with them.

So that’s MORE than enough for the day-now read my ads below….

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15 thoughts on “Today I Will Make You Rich. I will Help You Make Money Online Part 2

  1. Oh.My.God

    I am NEVER going to get all this. Think I’ll just slink back to PPP and pretend I was never going to try anything different.

    You think YOU’RE feeling woozy! At least you understand it!

    So…I jumped the gun with HyperVRE, huh? Do you think I should cancel that monthly subscription?

  2. Hi Kathy
    Well, hahahaha, what can I say. I knew when I put it up, I was like I might as well have put these answers behind a Maxwell Smart type secret set of 12 doors because nobody is going to want to read it like this. hahaha,

    But that’s ok I did MY part. I said I would “reveal all” and I have. I’ll put it in a book and sell it. Nobody is goign to realize I just told them for FREE how to never have money problems for the rest of thier lives UNLESS I put it in a format that cost money.

    I’m telling you, I go to the “pros” sites too and they don’t have it either. Each one has a piece. And believe it not-this looks like a lot but it’s thousands of pages of stuff boiled down to like 10.

    And no, you can do Hyper, but please read my Adsense section here and REALLYYY read and watch the Hyper info.

  3. OK Dave – I took a deep breath and bought SEO Elite. I’ll start there and dig in.

    BTW – have you heard anything about Eben Pagan? My dh is really excited about him and is trying to get me to spend $500 a month to do his tutoring program. Oy!

  4. Kathy
    Let me ask you, what would you like to do? Are you going to try to make one of your blogs your central sites, or are you going to try to go the route of building money sites?

    It is MY opinion that your sites with the sponsered stuff are probably going to have a Google problem. It’s one of the reason I crammed 3 post into one today and spent 6 hours on this piece so you could really go over all these posts together and see MY position.

    It’s a little unique but’s it’s mostly based on 2 legs;
    a) that keyword strong/Google friendly sites are crucial and b) monetizing blogs is harder compared to creating straight money sites.

    So I know you’re anxious to get started, but I think isolating what your game plan is has got to be the first step. Obviously you’re the boss of your empire, but can I get you to slow down and tell me what you’d like to do exactly. Let’s hold all buying for a minute. Do you have any questions about any of the things I’ve written?

    As for “David DeAngelo,” I only know his work as the double your dating guy. I’ve never heard of him in the internet arena. But please let’s you and I do a simple project first before you buy anything else. Let’s have you pick some keywords and make a simple FREE blogger money site.

  5. No, I have no plans for my three sites that all have PPP on them. I love each of them dearly and don’t plan to abandon them, but I know they have no futures.

    I have two other sites right now. One is a domain I bought several months ago that I just threw up a template on and then never went anywhere with it. My plan for that was something along the lines of cooking/recipes/anything that is healthy type thing. My other domain is a tech blog that I started about a month ago. It has about 5 posts on it, Adsense, affiliate stuff, and that’s it. I don’t do EC on it or anything…I just am getting that one going.

    Do you think those would be viable options for monetization?

    Also – I still don’t quite understand WHERE the pages go that you create with HypreVRE.

    Will you really walk me through something???? I’d be ever so grateful. Pick one of those two sites and let’s go!!! 🙂

  6. Hi Kathy
    Thank God some of your sites are not PPP, so we have a fighting chance! Your 3 sits are fine, they do well! But this is just an alternative way of being successful. Just different; geared toward playing by the Google “rules” with the purpose of generating passive income.

    Ok, this stuff is about 2 days early-as you can imagine yesterday’s post wiped me out. But to answer your question you can monetize almost anything, just have to find the right product. Do you have Office 2003 and can you add Ad-Intelligence to it?

    But I might have some of the links for the upcoming post ready now, let’s first get you to leave Hyper alone for now. You’ve just got the free one right? Either way let’s just put that aside.

    Your goal is to identify a small nice in a broad arena. To do this we have to focus one of those sites JUST one topic, and in fact build the site AROUND the keyword(s).

    We need to start with keywords. Here is a guy who did a very good walk-through. I hadn’t made contact with him yet, but…
    You’re next goal is pick either the cooking/health or tech site for this procedure, then do a Google search you think somebody would use find such a site. Look at that first page then start using SEO Elite on those sites. Have you been looking at SEO Elite?
    We’ll have to switch to email after that, because the keywords you choose should NOT be put up HERE.

  7. Hey Dave,I just found out ebay’s affiliate program is now also be available on Pepperjam after switching to their own platform?

    Their aff program was the main meat for my raking in four figures a month -when it was on CJ- until they dissed me from their own network I’ll see if I get approved through Pepperjam.

  8. Wow Dave…that took a long time for me to get to the end of that! But I think it was worth it. There’s so much to comment on I don’t even know where to start.

    I think you are right about the targeted traffic. I have this site called that nobody knows about. for real estate agents. It is VERY specific. It’s only a few weeks old and truthfully I have done squat to market it. I had 11 visitors there today. I know that’s awful. BUT out of those 11 visitors, they made 546 page impressions and 4 of them clicked on ads. (Coincidently, 4 people came from google).

    I am going to start reading from the beginning again. This is kind of like watching pulp fiction where the first time you’re like yeah, that’s really cool…but it’s going to take a few times through before I can really understand it.

    I think though I am doing better just by reading your site, as silly as that sounds. I had an all-time high for adsense today 🙂 Maybe my brain is subconciously absorbing everything??

  9. Hey Caleb,
    yeah man I got the email from Pepper too. Am I wrong, or does the payout look higher through them than Ebay itself? I’m with Neverblue too and they had a slightly higher payout, but I couldn’t get those guys “on the phone” for almost a month so just signed up with eBay directly.

    Hi Chelle!
    I did make a promise to put it online, so even though it was rugged and I STILL have more to say the main hurdle is over with this post. So I appreciate you making it worth my while by reading it. JUST for you I’m going to go back in tonight and start fixing the spelling errors!

    And you know what? I BELIEVE you’re doing better. I do. It’s about looking at this from a different angle. I LITERALLY changed my mind about adsense and it multiplied by 10 and then that amount doubled and then THAT amount multiplied by 10 again!

    I did some emails with Kathy this afternoon and I could almost hear the light bulb go on when she got it.

  10. Ahh Dave, I have been waiting to read more of your info. See, I was smart… when I first read that you had spent months without sleep studying this stuff, I just let you give me the hi-lites saving me 2 months without sleep. 🙂 Thank you very much for everything, and for these articles sir.

    I’ll have to read through the whole series a 3rd time soon and start putting it together.

    We are doing great over at our site! We have some real readers, and the number is growing. I also have a team of 3 now. 🙂 I write issue based stuff, but now I have an ideological writer, and a tech-savvy web guy (who writes occasionally too)… It’s pretty cool!

    I am keeping it growing slowly so that we have a handle on it. It’s been almost exactly 2 months and I still have not monetized (don’t really need to at this particular moment)… and wanted to know what I was doing before diving into that, But soon… now that I have readers and a steady stream of new traffic.

    Man, you advice and information has been so helpful! Your encouragement has been such a great asset to my life. I am very happy I met you.

    Oh one thing about non-targeted traffic… I’ve found that if it is EASY to get (digg, reddit, stumble) it’s better than not doing it. 1. If 1/100 people ARE interested, you just got yourself a reader, who tells his friends…etc. 2. You get links back to your page from people who find one of your articles related to their content… 3. Hit inflation makes you feel happy. 🙂

    Okay so 3 is pretty much worthless… but still… I still think easy, non-targeted traffic is helpful… paying for it seems a little silly. 🙂 I have crashed my server (resulting in upgrades) 3 times in the last two months too…

    Anyway, welcome to my Rosenthall comment section personal diary. LOL

  11. Okay Dave, I reread everything again…I think I “got it”, lol. I made some SEO tweaks for my 3 blogs…but I think traffic is still a hurdle for me to figure out…If you need an editor for when you decide to write your ebook let me know – I’d be happy to help 🙂

  12. WOWOOWWOW! Is the writing that bad? Hahahah, oh wow. Ah man! Well I’m almost scared to say I’m working on a new piece. But yeah I was going to get to the traffic stuff, but I wanted to let this one set out there a while to soak in for whoever might read it.

    Actually-maybe I can save you a lot of trouble-of both having to read my writing and having to wait a day. I found a step by step guy 2 nights ago named Grizzly Brears (2 r’s). My knowledge is new, his is more tried and true.

  13. I will check that out as I break the two comment rule 🙂 Your writing is not that bad, I just thought I’d offer to help because I’m one of those proofreading kind of people, lol.

  14. Thanks. Not to sound like an old school mafioso, but “there may come a day when I ask of you a favor…”

    My life is this one man band kind of deal; trying to do this blog every single day and get the stories out is tough. Topic selection, resaerch, images, writing. Then there’s the work to get traffic. And the EC stuff! Then there are all my money blogs.

    Then there’s this house I’m rebuilding from the ground up. So it’s a full schedule, so my “blog technique” is to get the story done and go back and fix ’em later. USUALLY I do, but a bunch of ’em still have those errors…

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