TorrentFreak Hosts Brawl Between Marvel Comics and ComicSearch

This past week TorrentFreak reported the very strange exchange between Marvel Comics and ComicSearch. I highly recommend reading the post itself AND the comments. For better or worse the comments section is the “voice of the people,” and a great litmus test to see how things are going over with BT users.

By now, you should all be a regular readers of TorrentFreak to keep up to date on what’s happening with Bit Torrents. It’s a must. In the past you could just turn on your clients and search for downloads, but now the “us vs. them” war is pretty much in full swing; and it’s serious. On a weekly basis now something new “goes down” and people are having to make adjustments. I can’t believe it was only a month ago that Demonoid got killed.

The only thing that I feel pretty confident about is something I’ve been writing about during the last few weeks; there is a major effort in some Western countries to put a stop to downloading in any way that’s not “sanctioned” by major producers/suppliers. And if you just look at this recent article at TorrentFreak it’s clear they’re coming together in attempt to curtail activity they don’t like.