USB printer port for old computer

So today I need to bring an old computer up to date. My grand uncle Clint (my grandmother’s brother) had an old printer and an old computer. And that was cool until the printer died. So I got him a new printer, which uses a printer cable that’s USB on both ends (well one one end looks like a fingernail and the other is shaped like an upside down U, but they’re both USB).

So the trick was how to connect that new printer to an old computer that uses a parallel printer cable, which has 25 pins on one end for the printer and 36 pins on the other end for the computer. I looked at all KINDS of various connectors to try to do this and then it hit me. What I (and you) need is a USB PCI card.

CLICK HERE to see what it looks like.

Inside the computer are usually a few empty PCI slots, and buying a cheap USB card will make an old computer able to handle newer USB devices-like printers. So after you get a USB PCI card, all you need to do it is push it into one of the empty slots and screw it down to keep it from moving. The whole process takes about 3 minutes. Problem solved.