What’s Up with the ABC Family Channel? Kyle XY and Fallen Seem too Weird

(STOP. I wrote this piece 12 hours ago. I talk about how I can’t believe they let that show on the air on THAT network; turns out they don’t let that show on the air. The show got canceled today). Let’s see if I can remember. ABC’s “the Family Channel” I seem to recall was a cable variation of the main Network. I’m not sure, but I remember that it was created around the time “Ellen” had the whole gay kiss thing go down. And the idea was that ABC was going to appease all the anti-gay people with a special channel created just for them since the idea of a return to “the family hour” was just ridiculous in these times. Networks are already fighting of scraps in the wake of the cable and satellite explosion of the last 20 years. Oh they laughed at first but now, not only do they take cable and satellite seriously, they’re investors I believe the word is co-opted.


At any rate, I like “super boy” type TV shows. I mean the type of show where a young guy gets super powers. Obviously it’s because I myself wanted super powers. I don’t think I have that desire anymore but it’s probably more because I don’t believe than an actual lack of want. OK, so all kinds of these appeal to me, as a kid it was Underdog and even NOW as an adult I watch Danny Phantom and Ben 10, Smallville. Recently I even got in the ultimate, and pretty much the first, super boy; Shazam aka Captain Marvel. So that’s pretty much how I found Kyle XY.

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Not that I have any position or stance against ABC’s “the Family Channel” I just never could imagine there would be anything on there I would want to see. But, you know, I like sci-fi and comic book stuff, so either I saw a commercial or the famous poster of the main character, played by “Matt Dallas,” with the equally famous missing belly button. And how about that name? Jeez, talk about fabricated for Hollywood. But hey, I can’t condemn the guy I like his acting. I think he’s doing a very believable job especially when EVERYBODY else on the show is like some stereotype of the character they represent. As for the show; it’s top notch! I think it’s actually better than Smallville. That is to say, if I subtracted all the history of Superman I know from my body and just had to judge the two shows on their plots and execution Kyle XY would win.

The strong point of the show is the “after school special” nature that comes by the end of each episode. I actually have ANOTHER confession to make. Years ago when I was living in the scummy, rugged, punk rock, artsy Lower East Side of Manhattan I stumbled across this PBS show called Degrassi Jr. High. I said it! But at the time I was in my young 20’s and you know, living that life. The street dude; a “hipster” before the term had really been coined THAT is how “hip” I was-they didn’t even have a name for it yet. So this Canadian, teen, “message show” was just a clean glass of water in a sea of shit. Seriously. So, KXY is just a nice little show where “issues” are handled. Not just the regular teen angst stuff, but human interaction type stuff.


The recently added Jesse XX to the show. I say recently but I guess it happened in the second season, or maybe even the end of season one. Because here’s what happened. I downloaded season 2 like a YEAR ago, and so last week I watched ALLLLL of them and then I started in on the 3 episodes of season 3. So tonight when episode 4 comes on I’ll be up to date. But learned a year ago with stupid-ass Lost that in some cases I’d rather just watch some shows at my speed not the network. Because the break between season 2 and 3 of KXY did turn out to be pretty long.

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Which brings us to Fallen. While watching last year’s episodes of KXY I saw some bottom of the screen promos for this Fallen show. And I was a REALLY big fan of those fallen angel movies The Prophecy. Man, I can’t even tell you why I loved those flicks! Even the awful 4th and 5th in the series. But really, the Family Channel? Doesn’t this stuff about clone people and angels and devils seem way too risqué for them?


On Fallen the LITERALLY showed the devil (as played by the father from Malcolm in the Middle). Speaking of casting. In a sort of funny move they took the small Australian guy who played Azaziel and NOW he’s the new bad guy on Kyle XY. Anyway the show was only 3 episodes long. I guess they were trying to see if people would go for it or not. Good while it lasted… and and REAPER comes back to ABC in March!

4 thoughts on “What’s Up with the ABC Family Channel? Kyle XY and Fallen Seem too Weird

  1. i think they should put it back on i loved it and why did they stop after he finds his dad and when he left his family they should add on to it or turn it into a series instead of three shows

    • Hi Dawn. Yeah the Family Channel is part of ABC and that means they’re a big network. Big networks take shows off the air if they don’t make enough money. Let’s say a show is able to make half a million dollars in advertisement but the show cost a whole million to make. That means they’re losing half a million dollars. So that’s how they do things. No matter how much people like a show they go with the money.

      But good news! If you look on this page you’ll see an Amazon menu with a lot of the Fallen books. Did you know there is a whole series of books about this character? So you can find out what happens after all.

  2. Kyle XY is a prime example of the old adage, “only the good die young.” After three short seasons, we as fans are left begging for more… more of a show that was our bright spot on Monday nights.
    We Kyle XY fans are a loyal group. As a member of KyleXY dot net, I’m doing what I can to help resurrect this show. You can join in the fight as well. The more of us that speak out for Kyle XY, the easier it is for the networks to hear us!

  3. So many fans of KYLE XY and such an abrupt ending ! To anyone wishing to help the campaign for getting the show picked up by another network, please go to the forum at kylexy.net or to savekylexy.com.

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