Williams Winners at Australian Open 2010 in Doubles

Last year I wrote about the Australian Open and joined it to the topic of how awful SNL was at the time. This year I’m just going to focus on the William sisters. So first let’s kick it off with a photo. Bam! There you go.

Ok, so now that we’ve had a few seconds to bask in their glory let’s get dirty. The FIRST thing we should probably mention is Serena’s year ending 2009; the US Open. I have a LOT to say about that and I STILL haven’t said a word, because my hard drive with all the multiple articles I wrote but didn’t publish is still of commission. So I wont go into it, per se, but it is an issue that’s been hovering in the background of Serena’s Australian Open performance. Certainly the newscasters have found a way to weave it into every discussion.

But realistically Serena DID start the AO off by playing her ass off. Something like 31 games won in a row. And then it stopped. She hit a WALLLLL. I mean all of a sudden it’s like the bottom fell out. Her next 2 games were brutal. Watching her play this 20 year old from Belarus (Azarenka) was rugged and a lesson in mortality. All I could think was “that’s a 20 year playing a 29 year old and MAN it looks like it.” Azarenka is this little boned lithe white girl and Serena looked like a heavy weight boxer. Now, I have spoken at great lengths about how much I love S’s body. I mean I LOVE it. But she’s “robust.” I mean let’s be honest, AND she seems to have gotten denser, not fatter, just DENSE. And where before her rear was the notable thing, now her boobs have become these heavy JUGGS.

So watching her play, and beat, both Azarenka and Na Li from China you could just see how much more she’s got to move around. Compounded by the fact that her legs were in these excessive straps and she FELL LIKE 4 TIMES. And watching her get up, you just knew those falls were taking a toll. An older person toll. Those 2 matches were shocking because she won. The day before Na Li had beat Venus and it wasn’t really a shocker. It happened. I wasn’t happy but it happened. And STILL they were playing doubles. The day Serena played Na Li she somehow went and played doubles.

So if it sounds like I’m saying close the book on these two (things I’ve kinda hinted at in the past) I’m not. I still see them calling it a wrap in singles in the next 2 years or so. But not this year. Serena’s will to win is really unmatched. Nobody, I mean nobody, can touch it. She’ll be playing Henin in about 8 hours and it will really come down to Serena’s body vs her will.

Jan 30th Update; She won