WordPress 2.5 is a Pile a Shit. Why Sacrifice Usability to be Fancy?

30 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 is a Pile a Shit. Why Sacrifice Usability to be Fancy?

  1. I really like your use of four letter words, but if you would use the F word more often, it would really balance your blog quite nicely!

  2. Thank you for your deep and penetrating insight. I’ve got 180 posts in 4 months. The word shit has been used twice (whoops, now thrice). I’m ok with those numbers.

    Now, what do you think about wordpress?

  3. Hahahah! My man! Finally a voice of reason. THANK you Igor. Yeah, see I was going to reference John Chow’s use of that word THIS WEEK. I mean Euro acts like I’ve broken some invisible barrier. The shit barrier? But seriously Euro I’m glad you came by-I’ll think twice in the future.

    Anyway everybody over at John’s blog is going crazy about how good it is, but I think they’re just LOOKING at it. When you get down and try to do some blogging you start seeing these issues. And I churn out long posts everyday so…

    Plus his post this morning will probably make a WHOLE lot of them “think twice” about jumpin on his bandwagon-they got one of his evil tricks-and he tells people all the time he likes to be a little evil!

  4. I’m glad I read this post…the auto upgrader still has NOT worked for me out of all the php/html/shell correction tips I’ve done. Also,there was a comment on JohnChow concerning errors with the gallery. Another thing I keep wondering is why WP refuses to put an upgrader in their core system…that itself would be a big advantage.

    Everything sounds good, but like PublicEnemy rapped back in the day,”Don’t Believe The Hype!”

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  6. Caleb thanks for the visit and YES, the image gallery pretty much killed my site last night. As you can see I use lots of pictures so when that part of WP fails it’s a problem. Man! And the auto upgrade made the post writing tools vanish.

    And like I said people are looking but not really getting under the hood.

  7. Hey Dave, This is hilarious! 😀
    I just moved my blog to an offline editor today. You poor schmoes. 🙁

  8. Har D Har Har Tali!

    Yeah I was just researching an offline tool, something called Ecto-or something like that-but it turned out to be for Macs…..

  9. I wrote about it – and deleted my post because I basically stated with many more four letter words than you exactly HOW they killed my bloginghood. I mean, I know President Bush killed my childhood, but now my blogginghood is dead too.

    I want my admin panel back. I wrote that “I can’t get no satisfaction” post up on the forum (caught that in your picture, lol) and the last post replied says “Bye”. I’m wondering if half the people on WordPress who use WordPress and Brainpressed.

    I mean, if Gmail and Ebay can give me an option to use older versions of what I see – Why can’t WordPress? It reminded me of Blogger in some horror movie way – the whole setup of the admin panel and such. It looks less friendly, more businesslike – and that is one thing I don’t fucking want when I blog.

    I want it to feel friendly and familiar so I can write whatever the hell I feel like and not be thinking “OH GOOD LORD JOESEPHINE! I MUST WRITE CORPORATE STYLE! CALL IN THE COWS!”

    Right now I am browsing sourceforge for alternatives. I had planned to write more posts all throughout the week, but every time I even fucking look at my ruined blog, I want to delete it and just go back to using HTML pages.

  10. *are Brainpressed* when I get to the point that I spew venom – my ability to spell and use grammar becomes compromised.

    At least I can make some shred of sense though.

  11. Hey Jackuul
    Thanks for visiting.

    Now let’s get down to business! First; hahaha. I don’t mean to laugh at your pain, but I SOOOO feel it. Your post was on the money and needed to be put out there. I was reading all these people fawn over it (not at the forum) and I was like “what the hell are THEY looking at?” Because I see a software that DID function well and then boom; become something that got it’s priorities confused-aesthetics over function. You see it so clearly. Somebody at the top lost focus. Plain and simple.

    But I’m so glad you came by.

  12. so true – googled “wordpress add media” shit – and finally found a site that thinks the same way i do about the increasing volumes of garbage in wordpress – it has become impossible to get rid of the spam – the number of links to wordpress all over the default a site – and the new add media is… shit!

    I am going back to 2.3 – or maybe drupal, in the meantime how to get rid of the message to upgrade that all my users see..

  13. Hi Brett,
    Thanks for the visit. I didn’t find anybody on our side either until i went to the forum. But you bring up a good point about rolling back. I think it automatically did a save of the last version when I upgraded, I might go back to.

    I have to site there and manually insert images, AND links sometimes. And some features are helpful like being to upgrade those plugins, but so many plugins are broken like Bad Behavior, Popularity Contest, etc.

    And you’re also right about the spam. Something is going on I can’t put my finger on.

  14. Hi Dave – well i just rolled back to WP2.3 – i deleted everything except my wp-content folder and wp-config.php file, then uploaded 2.3. – then ran upgrade.php. ( turned off plugins etc). Not too big a deal really – I had backed up the database, and exported the site – the only strange problem was that i couldn’t log in, but i dropped in the old user info from the backup dump of the database – and all is 2.3 goodness again.

    I have 8 WP sites i own/run and i am fed up with useless updates – just fix the shitting security and leave it alone – every upgrade i have to find a plugin to turn off the new feature.

    I will miss the image thumb size settings tho … sigh

    maybe i will head over to the forums to have a rant!

  15. Oh BTW – added
    to /wpadmin/wp-admin.css and the update nag is hidden ;~)

  16. I thought it was just me not responding well to change. I started fuming as soon as I saw the wasted real estate in favor of the large title fonts and “web 2.0ish” look. The navigation has taken a big step backwards. Little things like making me scroll to the bottom of each page to save a configuration change and the odd menu positions. Of course I have plugins breaking all over the place but I expected that.

    So far I dislike 2.5 but I’m trying to adapt. It really makes you want to have a conversation with whomever designed and approved these changes.

    Oh well…

  17. Hi Steve
    Glad you found “us.” And yeah, that was my feeling. I posted on somebody’s blog that the design won out over function-not a crazy amount like 70/30 but something like 52/48.

    Thanks for your visit.

  18. Hi Michael,
    Glad you were able to stop by. And yeah, that’s what I was talking about the weird bigness of the interface–

  19. I am so glad I didn’t buckle under the pressure of that stupid upgrade reminder. I got caught with Vista, but not with Office and definitely not with WP. Thanks for the screen shots!

  20. Hi Lisa
    Thanks for coming by. Glad this piece could help you make a decision.

    But here’s the deal; WP is great. We all know that. 2.3.3 was a great, working upgrade. And 2.5 has so many issues that they’re going to releasing some upgrade to that upgrade within a month. it has to happen. I’ve already gotten a hack “off the streets” that I’m going to try for the photo problem. So I know the WP guys must be doing fixes too.

  21. There was a huge outcry over at WP.com, the free service I use. They switched to 2.5 while I was in the middle of things, on a Friday evening! The first thread to complain about the changes got shut down within an hour. But the flood of complaints was too great for them to close every thread. A lot of the complaining had to do with bugs that needed fixing (obscure coding things that mainly affected OS X, Linux, and Win98).

    Some people just didn’t like the change for the sake of change.

    One good thing came of it, after ovber a year of using WP.com, I learned I could compose *offline*. For involved posts, I now use BlogDesk, and love it.

  22. Hi Mike!
    Your comment is perfect because it points out exactly what I said-people using WP were going to see the problems immediately.

    Another thing is, you wrote “ovber” and I know you meant “over” but they TOOK the edit comment feature away (I thought). That’s crazy. I used to be able to help people out and fix little things like that. I can’t even edit my OWN comments, I thought I had to delete and re-do them. And I figured out you can still edit but the clearly marked button is gone-why hide that feature?

  23. It’s time for a “pro” and “con” list. Everyday I keep hearing about new bugs and strange behaviors as well as the general dislikes. I’d like to see a comprehensive list of the good and bad instead of finding out about a problem weeks from now. Is anyone doing this?

    For my part I’ve started having posts lose their formatting after an edit and I’ve had to recreate the article. Several times now I’ve had to turn plugins on and then off to fix problems and they are plugins supposedly updated for 2.5.

    I’m sure a lot of work went into the new version but I think they could have done what the Joomla people are doing. They have two versions of Joomla running, even installable through Fantastico, until a majority of users upgrade. It’s more work to support two versions but it might help the transition go smoother. How difficult could it be to continue to provide security updates to 2.33?


  24. YES Steve.
    I’m losing formatting too. And if I use bold or underline the punctuation at the end of the sentence gets moved like this . With that extra space.

    And yeah, I’m trying to hang with 2.5 and modifying it on my own. But almost everyday I REALLY think about going back to 2.3.3. Maybe dual support should be encouraged until 2.5.1

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